The alleged “Holocaust” of the Jews is proving ever more dangerous

Current events in the Middle East confirm it: the alleged “Holocaust” of the Jews is a historical lie that is proving ever more dangerous. Let us recall that this alleged “Holocaust”, which is the sword and the shield of the State of Israel, possesses at least three aberrant features:

1) It has created “survivors” (“miraculous” ones) by the million. Almost sixty years on from the end of the 1939-1945 war, the number of “survivors” of that purported undertaking to exterminate an entire people has been estimated by the specialist in demographics of Jewish communities Jacob Ukeles at 687,900 (Haaretz, April 18, 2004).

From that figure it may be deduced that in 1945 the number of European Jews who had survived the war was most likely in the region of 3,250,000, a statistic that bears out what we already knew from other information: never did the Germans have a policy of physical extermination of the Jews and never did they possess any of those weapons of mass destruction called execution “gas chambers” or execution “gas vans”.

After the war many Jews stayed in Europe and many others scattered throughout the world, settling in nearly sixty countries. So it was that in the late 1990s the teams put in charge by Steven Spielberg of gathering survivors’ testimonies had to go to nearly sixty different countries to record the said testimonies on video (Survivors of the Shoah Visual Foundation, P.O. Box 3168, Los Angeles, California 90078 USA; see also a related article in the French daily Libération of November 3, 1999, p. 36). Finally, in the present day, the Jewish population of Israel is close to… six million (!);

2) It constitutes a daunting weapon with which to stifle, crush and kill; see the above drawing, recently passed on to me by Ahmed Rami, depicting a book that, like writings in Hebrew, would be read from right to left; hence the presentation.

3) It enabled the Zionists to succeed in creating a colony in 1947-1948, the very time when, everywhere else in the world, colonial possessions were disintegrating.

This State is racialist, domineering and sure of itself. In accordance with a millennia-old tradition, it has, yet again, let the Jewish people – ever prey to the prophet’s anxiety, ever inclined to groan, to complain, to threaten blackmail, to preach wars and crusades – make itself invariably loathsome wherever it passes through

Established in the land of Palestine, that colony became a “Jewish State”, endowed with a “Jewish Army”.

Founded on the myth of the “Holocaust”, the State of Israel is doomed

In a study dated October 8, 2001 and entitled “An imaginary Holocaust may lead to a real Holocaust” I wrote: “the State of Israel is henceforth doomed. It will not even have lasted as long as the ephemeral Christian kingdom of Jerusalem [which, in actual fact, lived for 89 years]”; then, speaking of the “bad times ahead for the Jews”, I described already what can be seen befalling that colonialist State now.

The Zionists will have to leave Palestine. They will be returning to our climes. In particular, they will invade Germany where the authorities are already offering a fortune to Jewish immigrants from anywhere. These wandering Jews will bewail their “Second Holocaust”. Again they will be demanding penitence, privileges of all sorts and “reparations for the irreparable” (a fine Talmudic oxymoron!).

Thus, those settlers of another era will need to quit Jerusalem; but will they do so in the manner of the Europeans of Algeria in 1962 or in that of the Americans, in 1975, in Vietnam? What will the Israelis do with their nuclear arsenal? How high will the bill for the rest of humanity run to? One can hardly tell.

On the other hand, one may rightly affirm that present events justify the warnings put out in the past by the revisionists. They had said that the lie of he magical gas chambers allowed ANYTHING and that, consequently, the world must be ready for ANYTHING in the way of Jewish excessiveness. It would have been a good idea to listen to the revisionists instead of throwing them in prison or trying to gag them.

Jewish neurosis and excessiveness in the Zionist myth
and the “Holocaust” myth

Whether belonging to the State of Israel or the Diaspora, the Jews, with but too few exceptions like those of Noam Chomsky, Israel Shahak or Edgar Morin, have acted with callousness and inhumanity.

Their alleged “Holocaust” has permitted them to slander nearly all non-Jews, including the wartime Allies, the neutrals, the Papacy, the International Committee of the Red Cross, all accused of having, it seems, let the Germans exterminate the European Jews.

They have thus accused whole nations of having committed or allowed to be committed a gigantic crime which, in reality, was never perpetrated. From this slander of huge proportions they have drawn, with the greed and cruelty of Shylock, an orgy of profits in monetary and political terms as well as in the spheres of the law and the media.

Moreover, they have not cared to show any respect to either the defeated or the impoverished. Their excessiveness (the messianic hubris) has made them lose their heads.

These Jews would be well advised to reflect on what, in 1894, Bernard Lazare wrote on the first page of his book Antisemitism: its history and causes and which may be summarised as follows: if, in every era, in every land, amongst all races, under all kinds of regime and whatever the prevailing moral standards and customs, the people of Israel have incited “hostility” and even “repugnance”, it is that “the general causes of antisemitism [have] always lain in Israel itself and not in those who have fought it.”

Up to now the revisionists have been treated like Palestinians, Lebanese or, to talk Jewish, like the “seed of cattle” and for a long time revisionism has remained beyond the understanding of the greater part of the world, but now, in the present day, people are beginning to grasp its message.

Millions, whole nations, witnesses to what is going on in the Middle East, are becoming aware, in front of their television sets, of Jewish neurosis and excessiveness. At the same time they are discovering, or are about to discover, with stupefaction, that at the root of the lie-laden accounts, full of extravagance and hatred, that make up what the Jews call their “Holocaust History”, there already lay that same neurosis, that same excessiveness.

Jewish fads, extravagances and crazes bound for the rubbish bins of history

The “mania for lying and believing lies is as catching as the itch” (Céline). Man, as is known all too well, is subject to some quite unlikely fancies. He goes so far as to kill or get himself killed for ideas that he sometimes ends up discovering were false all along.

The business of weapons, wars and crusades, of which mass propaganda is a central component, takes delight in these false ideas. In the 19th and 20th centuries the Talmudists took in billions of people with them. Freudianism, Zionism, Lenin- or Trotsky-style Communism, Elie Wiesel-style holocaustic religion or Shoah business à la Claude Lanzmann, all these inventions have been grounded in a mixture of false ideas, messianic utopias and impostures that were essentially Jewish. After having known triumph, Freudianism (not to be confused with psychotherapy and psychiatry) and Leninism (not to be confused with the communist ideal) are now largely discredited.

As is seen in our present day, Zionism, for its part, leads to self-destruction and may perhaps bring on a worldwide catastrophe; the Israelis have killed it. As for the “Holocaust” religion and Shoah business, they seem to be flourishing, but, as the American revisionist Arthur Robert Butz has remarked, the giant’s feet are made of clay, and this fact is starting to be noticed.

These fads, extravagances and crazes, which bear the mark of Jewish neurosis and excessiveness, look sure to finish one day in the rubbish bins of history. But, as far as the “Holocaust” is concerned, that day is still a long way off, so strongly has the Great Lie of the 20th century pervaded people’s minds, like a lethal drug to which one sadly ends up becoming addicted.

Fortunately the revisionists are here; good Judeo-therapists that they are (the term is French revisionist Pierre Guillaume’s), they have no equal when it comes to treating dependence on holocaustic lie poison. If, beset with that affliction, one wants to regain reason and health, there is nothing like a simple cure of revisionism.

July 26, 2006