An imaginary holocaust may lead to a real holocaust

Without the lie of the alleged “Holocaust” and the alleged “gas chambers”, the State of Israel would not exist and peace would be more prevalent. With that false “Holocaust”, which has become the sword and the shield of Israel, peace is in danger. Thus it is that an imaginary holocaust, created and maintained by both the Zionists of Israel and the Jews of the Diaspora, may lead to a real, worldwide holocaust.

The Jews and the Americans

In 1947-1948, presenting themselves as survivors of an alleged genocide, the Jews obtained, by blackmail and terrorism, the right to create a State in the land of Palestine. With aplomb, they persuaded the international community that, as compensation for an unprecedented tragedy (their supposed “Holocaust”), it was fitting that they be awarded an unprecedented remedy: the devolution of lands belonging to other populations. Then, having received this exorbitant endowment, they extended their territory considerably in chronic wars, paying no heed to the restrictions set down by the United Nations Organisation for the benefit of the Palestinians, provisions that the Zionists had undertaken to respect. Over a span of more than fifty years, with the aid of the Jewish Diaspora, they have carried out a policy of colonial conquest and apartheid to the detriment of the Palestinian people. They have violated international agreements one after another, considering null and void about sixty UN resolutions made against their practices. The American political leaders have supported, armed and defended their State, Israel, as devotedly as if it were the first and foremost State of the United States of America. It must be said that they cannot afford to defy their Jewish lobby, which closely monitors and scrutinises all of the country’s political and media spheres. It may also be noted that most Americans, intoxicated by “Holocaust” propaganda, are only too apt to find in the products of Jewish neurosis their own basic view of a world made up of two camps: one good (Jews and their associates), the other evil (Nazis and the like). For them, all is gauged in reference to the Nazi, the supreme villain, ever bent on killing the poor Jew, paragon of innocence and goodness. It is no mere coincidence that the ghastly hulk called “United States Holocaust Memorial Museum” stands in the immediate proximity of the Washington Monument, not far from Capitol Hill.

 The Arabs and the Muslims

The Jews have ended up exhausting the patience of the Arab and Muslim world. In their long history they had, over the centuries, made themselves undesirable amongst all the peoples of Europe who had admitted them in large numbers, particularly the English, the French, the Spanish and, especially, the Germans and the Poles. Until rather recently the example of the Arabs’ long-standing (relative) tolerance towards the Jews served as material for morality lessons regularly dispensed to those peoples. Now such lessons are no longer possible. There is no more Arab exception: even their fellow Semites are now rising against the Jewish people, “domineering and self-assured” (Charles de Gaulle in 1967). Within the Jewish community itself there have indeed been efforts from time to time on the part of a few clear-sighted persons like Noam Chomsky and the late Israel Shahak, author of Jewish History, Jewish Religion: the weight of 3,000 years, to make their warnings heard by the zealots, but in vain. That said, Chomsky, like Shahak, has always endorsed the great Jewish myth, thus effectively authorising Israel to go on using, with the clearest conscience, its best argument and the number one weapon in its arsenal: the “Holocaust”, precisely. The Arabs, the Muslims and the whole people of Palestine are the main victims, today, of that weapon and that argument fashioned from a lie.

The new crusade

On September 11, 2001, particularly in New York, the weak struck the citadel of the mighty. The heart of the Judeo-American power, the very district of Wall Street, where the lot of the world’s lowly billions is decided daily, was hit by the full force of “terrorists” brave enough to sacrifice their lives in a suicide mission.

In New York, the first tower of the World Trade Center (a name carrying quite an agenda!) could have been called “Hamburg” or “Hiroshima” and the second “Dresden” or “Nagasaki”. But their destruction seems to have left, according to various estimates, no more than between three and five thousand dead, which is a far cry from the great feats of annihilation of the US Air Force and the Royal Air Force in the 1940s.

Nonetheless, America has thereupon embarked on yet another crusade. Already in the early 1940s, general Dwight Eisenhower (who, in reward, would be made President after the enterprise) had launched a “Crusade in Europe”, a military-industrial project that was to prove extremely fruitful for the United States (“The Best War Ever”) but, for the peoples of Europe, quite the reverse: for them it meant millions of dead, immense destruction and the consignment of a good part of their continent to the Russo-Soviet Moloch. This “liberation” of Europe, moreover, was to bring in its wake an atrocious political purge, the murderous deportation of from twelve to fifteen million Germans, widespread sordid aggression against civilians, the dismemberment of a great country, its complete military occupation under a reign of censorship, an Allied-imposed famine and the establishment of tribunals at which the victors, acting both as judges and prosecutors, put the vanquished on trial in patently sham proceedings. Still today, in 2001, trials of that kind allow the children of Israel to exact vengeance on octogenarians or nonagenarians accused, on the strength of simple Jewish testimonies, of “crimes against humanity”.

The previous crusades

In reaction to the attacks it has sustained, America, this time, is out to get “infinite justice” in what will be its twentieth slaughter of civilians in sixty years. From 1941 to 2001 no military corps will have killed or burnt more civilians, more children, more infants than the air armada made up by the US Air Force and the squadrons of the US Army and Navy, at times seconded by their ally, the British RAF. The flying champions of phosphorus, napalm, Agent Orange, fragmentation bombs, of the nuclear blaze and of enriched or depleted uranium are presently set to inflict upon miserably poor lands their time-honoured lessons in international law, justice, virtue and “enduring freedom” as they have formerly done in Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden and in Europe at large (67,000 killed for the “liberation” of France alone), and in Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Grenada, Panama, Yugoslavia and elsewhere. In the space of sixty years the Americans, who are, besides, the world’s biggest industrial polluters, have stuffed the Earth’s surface with billions of bombs, shells, missiles and mines, particular anti-personnel mines, which pose terrible danger for civilians. Anxious – as is understandable – to spare the lives of their own soldiers, US “Defence” chiefs are inclined to opt more often than not for a particularly cowardly style of combat. Dropping bombs at high altitude, launching missiles from great distance, spreading terror amongst unarmed civilian populations, they have for some years been searching for the “zero-death war” which, as French revisionist Vincent Reynouard puts it, amounts to waging wars in which, on one side, the death count is nought or close to it whilst, on the other, the dead count for naught. Ensconced on their aircraft carriers or on bases well removed from the front, the boys, chewing their bubble-gum and absorbing peanuts and “soda-pop”, comfortably wreak death and destruction on distant peoples.

The real holocaust of the German cities

Compared with the martyrdom of the German cities during the last war the fate of the Manhattan escapees just after the destruction of the two towers was enviable. Those people left the scene of the disaster without being strafed by machine gun fire. Unlike the Germans of 1942-1945, starved, exhausted by lack of sleep, each day stricken with grief by the news of the death of their brothers and husbands, particularly on the Russian front, they were not turned into living torches and shot at by fighter-bombers. The victims of carpet bombing would flee with their clothing and hair in flames. They would jump into a river. The fires died down but as soon as the poor souls got out of the water they would flare up anew, for phosphorus would have it so. The last survivors died with the roof of their mouth blistered by the ambient heat. As for the firemen and first-aid workers, many of them were killed by delayed detonation bombs.

The futile lessons of the past

On that black Tuesday, the Americans were able to get an idea – in truth, a scant idea – of what they have inflicted on so many countries over so many years. In Vietnam they had experienced a humiliating defeat that earned them 56,000 full bodybags. They seemed to have found out what it might cost to despise those who were smaller, weaker and poorer than themselves. France and Britain had, for their part, gone through identical humiliations during the collapse of their colonial empires and appeared, also, to have learnt some useful lessons. But here we have the United States, Britain and France all seized by a warlike frenzy, forgetting the lessons of their most recent history.

Terrorism magnified by those who complain of it

It is a bit comical to see the mighty denouncing the terrorism of their adversaries. Not only did these same mighty ones invent large-scale terrorism but they even promoted, praised and sublimated it under the term “Resistance”. Roosevelt, Churchill, de Gaulle, Tito and their friend Stalin all, in varying degrees, drew up policies of murder, by snipers, of enemy soldiers and civilians. They thus coldly provoked reprisals, carried out in line with the provisions of international conventions, so that slaughter should breed slaughter. In the 20th century they institutionalised covert warfare, the war of cowards. Assuredly, the spirit of resistance is a noble one but not in that form. And what is to be said of the terrorism practised by the founders of the Zionist State, who murdered, for example, Lord Moyne, Count Bernadotte and so many others? A model, it seems, of struggle in a just cause.

The luck of the Jews

The two New York (“Jew York”) office towers were held under a long lease by one Larry Silverstein, who will doubtless get large “compensation”. His coreligionist Madeleine Albright, daughter of a Jewish thief called Korber, had, in 1996, stated that, if American policy towards Iraq had brought death to 500,000 (?) Iraqi children, then “the price… was worth it”. The Israeli Netanyahu, for his part, could not hide his joy upon learning of the destruction of the towers and the death of thousands of Americans: it was good news for the Jews, as America would now understand that its own interests and those of Israel were identical. As for Sharon, the butcher and bludgeon man, he, along with Shimon Peres, saw in it an opportunity both for his policy of planting Jewish settlements amidst the Arab masses and for his programme of systematic assassinations. For the time being, the United States still allows him to kill Palestinian adults and children where and when he likes with bullets, shells, missiles, tanks, helicopters and planes supplied by the American taxpayer.

Bad times ahead for the Jews

The Americans and Israelis may carry on with this sport at their leisure. But it could cost them dearly, for the State of Israel is henceforth doomed. It will not even have lasted as long as the ephemeral Christian kingdom of Jerusalem. There need be no Ben Laden or new Saladin. Neither weapons, nor money, nor the United States, nor the Jews of the Diaspora, nor Germany which, in the grip of its national-masochism, would be capable of sacrificing its own soldiers for the survival of the Jewish leech State, will halt “the Descent”. (The Hebrews give that name to the movement of their kind in the direction opposite to that of “the Ascent” – emigration – to the Promised Land.) The Israelis are already jumping ship. In Tel Aviv, in Jerusalem and in their settlements, Jewish fathers and mothers are in fear for their own lives and for their children’s, for their professional future or their business. The weight of taxes needed to cover the Israeli military budget and the length and dangers of national service, for both men and women, are making for a decrease, via the phenomenon of re-emigration, in the numbers of taxpayers and potential soldiers. The Promised Land is becoming the most hazardous spot in the world for the Jews. It used to be a perfect safe haven for fraudsters and thieves, particularly for the mafia called “Russian” and which is in fact Judeo-Russian. Only extremely rarely have requests for extradition ever been granted to countries trying to prosecute Flatto Sharon and his ilk. But today, the Paris law courts have begun noticing that, in the case of the gigantic bank swindle known as the affaire du Sentier, the crooks who had fled the country to find refuge in Israel prefer to return, even if that means ending up in prison. The land of milk and honey is awash in blood and tears. Who is to blame?

The suitcase or the coffin

Thus the wandering Jew is about to take to the road once more. In nearly every place where he has stayed, his behaviour has brought on a revolt of the natives, who eventually have told him to choose between the suitcase and the coffin. In Palestine, he will soon have to pack his suitcase. He will make his way back to the rich lands polluted by his holocaustic propaganda. It will be enough for him to bewail a second “Holocaust” and a third Destruction of the Temple. He will demand new reparations and privileges. The “Shoah Business” and “Holocaust Industry” will pick up with renewed vigour but, this time, with a risk of reaching saturation point.

In a worst-case scenario, Israel may experience a civil war waged by a breakaway army of desperados. In the end, Tel Aviv could suffer the fate of Algiers in 1962 and Jewish Jerusalem that of Saigon in 1975. But a less dramatic end like, for example, that of communist East Germany or the Soviet empire, seems possible as well. In any case, the epicentre of the present conflict is Israel, and Israel is finished.

Various war propaganda

The lot of Palestinians of all faiths will be tragic, and this will provoke more and more despair and fanaticism. The masses of the Arab-Muslim countries already wish to see the West punished for crimes which, in their view, the latter has committed or allowed to be committed in Palestine (more so than in Saudi Arabia, Iraq or Afghanistan). By way of reaction, a spirit of crusade or holy war is also developing amongst them. Ayathoras and ayatollahs are inciting one another. On either side, both amidst the rich and mighty of the West and the deprived populations of the Arab-Muslim world, passions and fears are intensifying. There is going to be much killing and much telling of lies. The prodigious lie of the alleged “Holocaust” of the Jews, sword and shield of Israel and the Diaspora, may thus lead to a very real holocaust of global dimensions. The revisionist authors had for quite some time been warning that the religion of the false “Holocaust” with its imaginary “gas chambers” and its alleged “six million” bore within it a frightful catalyst for hatred. Current events may rightly cause one to fear lest this hatred end up setting the world ablaze and thus provoke a worldwide holocaust.

The revisionists’ caution

The revisionists will follow the example set by Paul Rassinier, founder of their school. Not to be swayed by any war propaganda, they will aim for exactitude while emotions, on either side, breed lies. They will avoid promoting the inventions of anti-American, anti-Jewish or anti-Arab propaganda and, with regard to September 11th, they must spare us the gossip, customary in such circumstances, of the type “Bush knew”, “The CIA couldn’t have been unaware”, “The FBI is in on it”, “The Mossad fomented it all”, “Four thousand Jews, who should have been at work there that day, didn’t show up”, “Explosive charges had been hidden in the two buildings”, etc. Arab propaganda, more than ever, will orchestrate the myths of the Jew draining the blood from children or poisoning wells and will invoke the obvious fake comprised by The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. A batch of other rumours, deliria, psychoses and phenomena of collective belief must be expected. The Americans will underestimate the numbers of victims of their bombardments and the Afghans will exaggerate them. The services of God or Jehovah, on one side, and of Allah on the other will, along with those of their prophets, be called on to stir up hatred and fear. There will be a proliferation of false witnesses, false reportages, false interviews, false documents. In this field perhaps Bush the son will surpass Bush the father and his story of the incubators unplugged by the Iraqis in Kuwait. Censorship, of course, will grow heavier without the various governments’ even having to pass new laws in that area.

The holy alliance of the mighty

In France, from the very outset, the daily Le Monde, which I am in the habit of calling “the slanted newspaper”, made its genuflexion. Under the by-line of its director, the hunched over, sweaty-palmed Jean-Marie Colombani, it led with “We are all Americans”. In an instant, France found itself in a state of war. It is a tradition dear to the left (which, as everyone knows, has a monopoly of warm-heartedness and intelligence) to plunge the country into war without prior consultation of Parliament, nor any decision on the latter’s part. This amounts to a total disregard for the law, for the constitution, but who cares? It allows the French citizen to go to sleep at peace and wake up at war. To be fair, let us remember that the president, Mr Jacques Chirac, a one-time Communist turned Gaullist, feels still more warlike and American than his prime minister, Mr Lionel Jospin, head of a Socialist-Communist-Green coalition. A kind of holy alliance has been forged against the “scabbed wretch, cause of all their ill”* : Oussama Ben Laden (one must call him by his name). Formerly, he was called Adolf Hitler. Had not this latter committed an inexpiable crime by getting in the way of gold, of the Jews and of Communism? He had had the effrontery to refuse the gold standard. He had got on so well without it that his new economic system was allowing him to trade on a large scale with other countries poor in gold, notably Italy, Japan and some central European and Latin American States. Panic had struck Britain, France and the United States: Germany was encroaching on their turf and taking away their markets. The rich (in gold) never appreciate the revolt, the coalition and the success of the poor (in gold). In the late 1930s, the three rich ones, who claimed to be linked by one democratic system, were above all bound to one another by a chain of gold. After the war, in 1947, Lucien Genet and Victor-Lucien Tapié were able to publish, in their Précis d’histoire contemporaine, 1919-1939 (Hatier, Paris), a quotation which in English would read: “It is thus not an ideological link but a chain of gold that binds the great democracies to one another” (p. 206); they added: “Six years of self-sufficiency made Germany the world’s greatest industrial country” (p. 209). Still more than others, the Jewish financiers had taken offence: how could anyone get on in the world without them and their gold?! As for communist Russia, it saw Hitler achieve concretely the general social programme of its own aspiration. The intrepid dictator was to pay a high price for his daring, all the more as he tried to push his luck in other spheres. There then came about the catastrophe, for Europe and Asia, of the Second World War.

Currently, the new holy alliance of the western democracies and Russia against the new rabble-rouser bodes ill for the future. Beneath the customary veneer of generosity and disinterest, the United States is going to be ferocious towards the Arab-Muslim masses who might imperil Uncle Sam’s supplies of natural resources, his “World Trade” and his economy. Invoking their cherished “Holocaust” and the need to avoid a second “Holocaust”, the Jews will be no less ferocious towards the Palestinians. The Russians will crush any vague desires of independence amongst their Muslim minorities, after which task they will, more than ever, hold out the begging bowl to the Americans.

The only chance for peace

The only chance for peace lies in the spirit of resistance to the falsehoods of the various propaganda. But, at the moment, the most dangerous propaganda is not that of the poor. It is that of the rich and mighty and their hirelings, all of whom are capable, if they feel truly threatened, of setting the whole world alight. It is that of the neurotics and their false “Holocaust”. It is that of the Jews, the Americans and those beholden to them.

Had the revisionists been heeded, the religion of the false “Holocaust” of the Jews would have no legitimacy today. It would not still be feeding the sympathy of a great part of the Western world for the Zionist enterprise. The Diaspora would display less arrogance. To begin with, the State of Israel would not exist.

Historical lies breed hatred, a “crusader” spirit and war. A return to historical exactitude would favour reflection and peace.

October 8, 2001
* From the fable of La Fontaine, “The Animals seized with the Plague” – translator’s note.