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The Vichy government was recognised by more than forty countries, including the USA and the USSR

In Adelaide Institute newsletter no. 80 it is stated that in the video I sent for the revisionist conference in Adelaide I mentioned that “more than 16 (sixteen) countries recognised the Vichy government and sent ambassadors to France” and that this is “not mentioned in books”.

First, I did not say “more than sixteen”: it was or should have been “more than forty”.

Second, this is mentioned in many books on the Vichy regime or on Marshal Pétain. Among those “more than forty countries” you had the USA, the USSR, Sweden, Portugal, Eire, many South American countries and, of course Germany, Italy, Japan, Hungary.

Admiral William Leahy*, a friend of Marshal Pétain, was US Ambassador; when his wife had died in Vichy he went back to the USA on May 1, 1942, and was replaced by Pinkney Tuck, chargé d’affaires, who left Vichy in November 1942. Remember that Germany and the USA were at war since December 1941! Alexander Bagomolov was the USSR’s ambassador; he stayed in Vichy for several months after the outbreak of the war between his country and Germany. A lot of American journalists were living in Vichy; some of them attended a famous political trial in April 1942 in the town of Riom, near Vichy, and dispatched their reports on it to their papers. All the Hungarian press correspondents, except one, were Jews!

But, as you know, nowadays, the political truth in France is that the Vichy Government was, from the beginning, July 10, 1940 – from the beginning and even before, that is, June 22, 1940 when Marshal Pétain, Prime Minister, asked Germany for a cease-fire! – a totally illegitimate one, recognised only by Satan and Germany.

October 15, 1998


* 1875-1959; the most senior officer in the American armed forces during the Second World War, “reporting only to the President” (source: Wikipedia).

From Adelaide Institute Newsletter, November 1998, no. 82.