Massacre in Palestine

The recent massacre in Palestine has all happened as if, in about thirty days, France had seen more than 1,600 of her civilians shot dead and 59,000 wounded by the actions of a minority having come to settle on her soil and dictate its law to her.


Le Monde, on page 4 of today’s issue (dated June 3-4, 2018), carries an article by its journalist Marie Bourreau entitled At the UN the United States vetoes a resolution on Gaza. Addressing the recent bloody events there, she writes: “Washington holds the Islamist movement – which has controlled the Gaza Strip since 2007 – as solely to blame for the violence having left more than one hundred dead and 4,000 wounded since March 30”.

Curiously, she does not specify that those dead and wounded are exclusively Palestinians and that the persons having caused those deaths and gunshot wounds are exclusively Israelis.

Can anyone imagine the reaction of the French if, in some part of their country, those in charge of a minority having come to settle in the country had, in approximately thirty days, caused over 1,600 civilians to be killed and another 59,000 wounded?

Whatever Israeli and American officials may think, the land of Palestine belongs to the “Palestinian Arabs”, irrespective of the different religions practised amongst them. Of course, Palestinian leaders might care to open up their country to some foreigners, but not to foreigners who would persist in conducting themselves as rulers and masters shedding others’ blood at will. The heads of numerous international Jewish and Zionist organisations, for their part, are bad shepherds who have been playing with fire and lies for far too long.

If the number of Israeli casualties is assumed to have been zero, how can the Israelis and their American allies possibly ascribe full responsibility for the massacre to the Islamist movement called Hamas? If, in their view, any responsibility did lie with Israel, would such slaughter be nothing but a trifle? Perfectly kosher? Another little misadventure of God’s chosen people? The Palestinians will have to “pay” for it, “make amends” for it. Chutzpah! This word designates, with regard to lying, a degree of arrogance, audacity, self-assurance and shamelessness worthy of admiration; for example, the chutzpah of the youth who, at his trial for the murder of his parents, claims the right to an orphan’s pension, sobbing.


NB: This edition of Le Monde seems to me to have been closed, at the latest, at noon on Sunday June 3. By “more than one hundred dead”, I have assumed 110 victims but an AFP dispatch of the same day gives, for its part, the figure of 124. I write “more than 1,600 [French] civilians […] killed” because the number obtained by ratio of population is 1,624, and “another 59,000 wounded” since the corresponding figure is 59,012. Searching on Google for the number of inhabitants of the two countries I found, for Palestine (West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza Strip), 4.55 million and, for France in 2018, 67.2 million. The mathematics professor to whom I have shown these numbers has been kind enough to make the necessary calculations, replying with the following two equations and their products, which the reader will surely appreciate: 110 ÷ 4.55 x 67.2 = 1,624 dead; 4,000 ÷ 4.55 x 67.2 = 59,012 wounded. I recommend that my foreign correspondents, in turn, calculate the numbers for their respective countries that would correspond to the Palestinians killed and wounded in the period in question of about thirty days, and ask them to be so good as to send me their results.

At the very height of chutzpah, one may discover the French Member of Parliament Meyer Habib, speaking on the Israeli television channel i24 on May 14, i.e. during the Gaza operation. He represents French citizens residing in Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey and Israel.

 June 4, 2018