According to Shoah Hebdo, “the Talmud is magical!”


This week the French left-wing satyrical publication Charlie Hebdo, with extreme crudeness, makes fun both of the victims of the recent tragedy in Cairo and of their religion, Islam, denigrating its sacred book, the Koran. In the front-page cartoon the Koran is considered “shit” for its inability to stop bullets, as a Moslem is shown being riddled with gunfire despite his “shield”.


The artist “Joe Lecorbeau”, already known – and prosecuted – for his anti-conformist and pro-revisionist productions of re-worked popular culture images (taken from the cinema, advertising and… Charlie Hebdo), has come out with a parody of the current Charlie Hebdo cover: his “Shoah Hebdo presents the Talmud, the sacred book of the Jews, as “magical”, capable, in the context of a “miracle at Auschwitz”, of transforming water into gas and gas into gold.

My comment: What Charlie Hebdo is allowed to do on the subject of “Islamism”, which is not to be confused with the Islamic religion, Shoah Hebdo ought to be allowed to do on the subject of “Jewism”, which is not to be confused with the Jewish religion.

July 11, 2013