Please Help Germar Rudolf!

Revisionism’s position is becoming ever more worrisome. We all know this, so there’s no need for me to describe things in detail.

That said, I do think it useful to draw your attention to the particular position of Germar Rudolf. Any revisionist can only pay tribute to Germar’s most efficient work as concerns, for example, putting out books and journals in both English and German. There Germar deploys an energy that I should call “Germanic”, which says it all. We’re glad of it. We applaud. But do we help him as much as we ought to? Perhaps not always. And perhaps not as much as we could.

We would doubtless do much more to come to his aid if we were aware of the following simple realities: as of recently, Germar, who has a family to support, no longer has either an office from which to operate or a secretary to help him manage his huge volume of work. He has had to do without both in particular because of the considerable lawyer’s fees that he faces. It must be understood that, without a good lawyer, he risks being expelled from the United States one day soon and then sharing the tragic fate of Ernst Zündel.

Just as true courage is first and foremost physical, true generosity is first and foremost that of the wallet. I urge you to show Germar Rudolf your support by sending him some money as soon as possible. For my part, I have had occasion to do so in the past few years and intend to do so again in future, despite my meagre resources.

Please let me count on you.

Robert Faurisson, May 16, 2005