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“Ernst Zündel, my inspiration” (brief talk recorded on video)

[3m. 33s.]

In a Paris café-restaurant on May 30, 2007, Robert Faurisson says that Ernst Zündel is his “dearest friend”, his “inspiration”.

This recording was made shortly after the hearing in the 11th chamber of the court of appeal, just across the road, where Faurisson had opposed the decision of a case heard on July 11, 2006 sentencing him to 3 months’ imprisonment, suspended, and a fine of €7,500 for his 2005 telephone interview in French with an Iranian journalist of the television channel Sahar 1, in which he repeated his convictions on the alleged “Holocaust”.

Faurisson wished to stress in this message to Zündel that the latter should be assured of his compassion and his “thoughts, day and night”, for Faurisson had written no letters to Zündel during his time in prison in Germany. Zündel was sentenced there in early 2007 to five years’ imprisonment for “Holocaust denial” after having been held in solitary confinement in Canada for two years and jailed in Germany for another two years awaiting trial.

All of this means that Ernst Zündel will have spent a full nine years in prison because of his views on “the Holocaust”.