Fax to the Right Honourable Paul Martin, Prime Minister of Canada


Ernst Zündel is being tried in Toronto by a lone judge. He has no right to be heard by a jury. He is deprived of any possibility of appeal. His lone judge listens to some of his accusers in closed session. E. Zündel has not the right to know either those accusers or their accusations. He has been in prison in Canada for nearly a year, in degrading conditions, without having even the right to know what he has done wrong.

Do you, IN ALL CONSCIENCE, accept that a person may be thus accused, judged and kept in prison? Would you accept it for yourself? For a member of your family? For a Canadian citizen whom you represent?

I do not ask you whether or not the treatment reserved for E. Zündel conforms to certain laws currently in force in Canada. I ask you whether, IN ALL CONSCIENCE, you personally, Paul Martin, find it normal and sensible that anyone at all may be so accused, judged and kept in prison in your country or in any other country in the world.

I should be grateful for the honour of your response.

Yours respectfully,
Robert Faurisson

PS: You may reply by fax at + 33 4 70 32 71 64 but, for practical reasons, I should prefer, if possible, a reply via e-mail to norton2.cru@wanadoo.fr.

February 25, 2004