Exactitude (English)

Dear Friends,

Enclosed is the French version of my reaction to your Festschrift. Whilst I am indeed thankful to all those who had the idea of making that brochure or who have contributed to it with an article, you will see that I have avoided handling the matter on a personal and friendly level. Instead, I have taken the opportunity offered by this initiative to handle it on the historical level.

Supposing that “Happy 75th Birthday, Robert!” means, more or less: “Now, Robert, old man, since you have had such a long experience of historical revisionism, what is, as of now, your view of the state of revisionism and of its future?” I have tried to answer that question.

I have done so in my own way, which is to say that I have tried to be exact even if, in the present case, the use of exactitude may be cruel for my friends and for myself.

I do not trust very much in the pessimism of old people. An old man tends to think that his world is coming to an end whilst, in fact, he himself is nearing his own biological end. So perhaps it is merely for biological reasons that I feel so pessimistic about our future.

Maybe that’s the explanation. I hope so but I do not think so.

At the end of my text I say that the prospect of more or less serious inquiries into the story of Saddam Hussein’s WMD’s is offering us a golden opportunity to demand an inquiry into the story of the WMD’s that Adolf Hitler supposedly used in carrying out his supposed plan for The Destruction of the European Jews (the title of Raul Hilberg’s dishonest and silly standard work). I hope that some revisionists will understand, seize and use the idea that I am suggesting and submitting to them here.

Many thanks, in any case, for the unexpected Festschrift.


PS: I expect to have this 6 page text of mine soon translated into English and German.