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Two heroic champions of a humiliated and wronged Germany: Horst Mahler and Sylvia Stolz

May 8, 2010
(65th anniversary of an unconditional surrender)


In a recent e-mail release the American Michael Santomauro informed us that the revisionist Horst Mahler, during his criminal trial in Munich in January 2009, had, directly quoting me, begun his opening statement with my evocation of the martial prowess of the American-Zionist axis:

The American-Zionist axis has phosphorised German children, atom-bombed Japanese children, treated Vietnamese children with Agent Orange and Iraqi children with depleted uranium. It is high time the defeated, the humiliated, the wronged replied with what I have long called “the poor man’s atomic bomb”, that is, with historical revisionism; that weapon neither kills nor mutilates anyone; it kills only the lie, the slander, the defamation, the myth of the “Shoa”, along with the abject Shoa Business dear to Bernard Madoff, Élie Wiesel, the cohort of “miraculous survivors” and the murderers of Gaza’s children (Professor Robert Faurisson).

[Die amerikano-zionistische Achse hat die deutschen Kinder phosphorisiert, die japanischen Kinder atomisiert, die vietnamesischen Kinder mit dem orangenen Boten behandelt und die irakischen Kinder mit dem abgereicherten Uran. Es wird Zeit, daß die Besiegten, die Erniedrigten und Geschmähten mit dem zurückschlagen, was ich seit langem als die „Atombombe der Armen” bezeichne, d.h. mittels des geschichtlichen Revisionismus. Diese Waffe tötet niemanden und entstellt niemanden. Sie tötet nur die Lüge, die Verleumdung, die Diffamierung, den Mythos der „Shoah” ebenso wie das gräßliche Shoa-Business, das Leuten wie Bernard Madoff, Elie Wiesel, den Kohorten der „wundersam Geretteten” und den Mördern der Kinder in Gaza so teuer ist.] (Professor Robert Faurisson) [The message sent at the time by H. Mahler containing his full statement of January 12, 2009 is available on the Internet thanks to Adelaide Institute.]


H. Mahler was convicted and sentenced to nearly thirteen years’ imprisonment. He is now aged 74. At her end, his friend and colleague Sylvia Stolz, “the German Joan of Arc”, has been found guilty and sentenced to over three years in prison for having, while defending Ernst Zündel in court, argued without at all hiding her own revisionist convictions. She is 46 years old. For the same reason a good number of other revisionists before them had been sent to prison by the German or Austrian justice system. It was at Berlin’s initiative that E. Zündel, recently released, had to spend seven years in American, Canadian and German cells. In Austria, several revisionists are still incarcerated, amongst whom Wolfgang Fröhlich and Gerd Honsik. That is where Germany and Austria stand these days. With the exception of an especially heroic minority of their sons and daughters, they seem to submit to the law of their conquerors, who – as is too often forgotten – have still not, after 65 years, envisaged signing a peace treaty with Germany. Equipped with its “nuclear shields”, its “security fences” and, above all, its supreme weapon, the Great Lie of “the Holocaust”, the American-Zionist axis intends to lay down its law to the rest of the world. But nothing long-lasting is ever built in such a way – on threats, fear and deception. To begin with, the Great Lie of “the Holocaust”, thanks mainly to the Internet, sees itself being challenged more and more. It has, of course, spawned a religion and, on that level, there are still fair days ahead for it, but on the level of historical knowledge it has, ever so quietly, passed away. In any case I shall soon be demonstrating as much in a text dealing with the death, at last, of the Nazi gas chambers, on the historical and scientific level.