To Hossein Amiri of Mehr News Agency (Tehran)

I admire President Ahmadinejad. What he has said on the Zionist state being a racist state cannot be refuted. “Israel” is, in effect, a racist state with an apartheid wall and “colonies”. It is built on a gigantic historical lie, that of the “Holocaust” or “Shoah” (the alleged genocide of the European Jews and the alleged homicidal gas chambers in Auschwitz and other places).

I am told that President Ahmadinejad intended to say also that the West had used “the ambiguous and dubious question of the Holocaust” and that, finally, he decided to drop the matter. If such is the case, I am sorry for him and for us, revisionists, but, at the same time, it would be one more proof that nowadays, decidedly, only one religion is sacred for Ben Ki-Moon’s UN: the Holocaust religion, which is in fact a swindle and a hoax.

Dear Mr Hossein Amiri, thank you for giving us the opportunity to express freely our opinion.

April 21, 2009