The Ten Commandments of the “Holocaust” Religion

  1. In thy head shalt thou have it: absolute Evil is embodied in the “Nazi” and absolute Good, in his Jewish victim. The Jew shalt thou shower with tributes and offerings. The “Nazi” shalt  thou vilify and pursue unto the ends of the earth, unto the end of time. Almshouses the whole world over shalt thou scour in search of the last sickly nonagenarian Nazi. And having tracked him down, thou and thine shalt threaten him with a new trial. And on the morrow he will be found dead from shock. Then with the sound of trumpets shalt thou make it known, and all the media shall headline it: “Dead on the eve of his arrest, the Nazi war criminal escapes punishment”. And unto your children thou shalt teach: “The death penalty is wrong, save against a Nazi; there it is good, and call we for more. Likewise for torture. Come, let us spit upon the graves of the vanquished!” Amen.
  1. The good word thou shalt carry abroad, announcing in all directions that the people chosen by Yahweh, because it is the best of all, hath, always and everywhere, been hated, hunted, exterminated for no reason, all because of a planet-wide conspiracy hatched since the dawn of time by men intrinsically wicked against poor, intrinsically harmless Jews. Repeat after me: “The womb is yet fecund whence the horrid beast did spring.” In answer to criticisms of which the Jews are target, go thou forth saying that the anti-Semites are stupid unto the point of believing in a Jewish conspiracy. In reality, the least stupid amongst them speak not of such things because they do know conspiracies to be the resort of the weak; the Jews are strong, and thus have not need of conspiracy; they hold the terrain and have the whip hand. In France each year, their mightiest organisation, the CRIF (“Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France”), conveneth nigh a thousand “guests” in an opulent setting for a dinner whereat the most senior political leaders of the nation do find themselves harshly criticised for their inability to crack down on an anti-Semitism described as omnipresent; instead of protesting, the accused submit, acquiescence, thank their accusers and promise to do more and better things for the Jews in the coming year. In 2011 the President of the Republic [Nicolas Sarkozy], the Prime Minister and fifteen other serving ministers or secretaries of State all did come to dinner. And the President, who is of Jewish origin, will complete his term in 2012, then will perhaps be replaced, if one may judge by the way things do go, by a rich Jew [Dominique Strauss-Kahn] married to an exceedingly rich Jewess [Anne Sinclair]; and then, if it be not that Jew, it will be another one; in any case the presidency of the French Republic shall become a Jewish privilege. Amen.
  1. With the eyes of faith shalt thou believe all the testimonies of the countless “Holocaust” survivors; if, as ill luck may have it, a testimony proveth to be outrageously false, thou shalt respond saying that this doth not matter since, when a story cometh from the heart, notions of truth and falsehood do no longer count. Repeat after me: “I believe in the authenticity of the Diary of Anne Frank, made – let us keep this between ourselves – by her father, the former banker and foreign currency trafficker Otto Heinrich Frank, who had become a small manufacturer in Amsterdam, with, for the original version in Dutch, the complicity of a Dutch serial writer (Isa Cauvern) and, for the two German versions, the manipulations of a German translator  (Anneliese Schütz). I do believe in Martin Gray, fake antiques dealer then seller of false memoirs from the pen of polygraph Max Gallo, published under the title For Those I Loved. I believe in Filip Müller, who did put his name to the book Eyewitness Auschwitz: three years in the gas chambers, hair-raising testimony written by Helmut Freitag, republished in 1999 with a foreword by Yehuda Bauer. I believe in the personal account of the “Wolf Girl” as given in the book, followed by a film, of a woman of Belgium who, during the war, did never leave Belgium. I believe in Wilkomirski (real name: Grosjean), who never left Switzerland. I do believe in the forthrightness of Élie Wiesel, in the honesty of Simon Wiesenthal. I believe not, yea I curse all historians of “the Holocaust” who, instead of tamely repeating that there are countless proofs, rock solid, of the existence of the magical “gas chambers”, have durst write, like Jewish-American Professor Arno Mayer in 1988, that there turn out to be only “rare and unreliable” sources. Amen.
  1. The revisionists thou shalt call “deniers”, and cowards label them, for “they kill the dead”, even if that phrase meaneth nothing. If a French revisionist sayeth unto thee: “Show me or draw me your magical Nazi gas chamber,” thou shalt say: “One must not ask oneself how, technically, such a mass murder was possible; it was technically possible, since it happened.” This “answer”, thirty-four academics and historians, Pierre Vidal-Naquet, Léon Poliakov and Fernand Braudel amongst them, did admirably contrive in 1979. And when the American revisionist Bradley Smith asketh thee: “Can you give me the name of one person, with proof, who was killed in a gas chamber at Auschwitz?”, and when he doth add that, if his request seemeth misplaced, it behoveth thee to tell him why, thou shalt answer with silence. Repeat after me: “They of the French are right who have said that the question is not to be put, and they the thousands of schoolmen worldwide are right also, who have kept silent both on the scientific breakthroughs owed to the deniers and on the routing defeats visited upon the Raul Hilbergs, the Jean-Claude Pressacs, the Robert Badinters and sundry others in the law courts.” Amen.
  1. With earnest heart shalt thou repeat after the American Raul Hilberg, our Number One historian, that it is exact, as did own Leon Poliakov, that in the archives of the Third Reich there is, unfortunately, to be found not the least evidence that the German authorities did envisage, organise and perpetrate a concerted slaughter of the Jews. And echoing the words of the same Raul Hilberg, thou shalt explain that “the Holocaust” was prepared, elaborated and effected without any order (either from Hitler or anyone else), plan, special agency, without written instructions, budget, yea with nothing, but spontaneously, through a phenomenon of collective creatio ex nihilo that did happen in the vast German bureaucracy. Repeat after me: “‘The Holocaust’ was prepared, elaborated and effected by the vast German bureaucracy through ‘an incredible meeting of minds, a consensus mind reading’, and did come about as ‘a matter of spirit, of shared comprehension, of consonance and synchronisation’”. Fail not to render homage unto Professor Raul Hilberg for this explanation which beareth the stamp of good Talmudic sense. Amen.
  1. In miracles and in millions of miraculous Jewish survivors shalt thou believe. If thou wert told that at Lourdes one day there happened a miracle, that on the morrow there were noted ten miracles and, on the morrow thereafter, a hundred miracles, thou wouldst burst with laughter, and rightly; however if thou seest that, over time, the number of miraculous survivors that do demand money keepeth on growing, repeat after me: “In this regard, the more miraculous survivors there be, the more firmly the miracle is proved.” Thou shalt strike from thy mind the temptation to quibble and to go and say: “If a Jewish survivor be living proof of something, it is indeed that there was no extermination of Jews; such a multitude of the miraculous is no longer a miracle but rather the most obvious proof that the Germans did have no policy of extermination of the Jews”. And when these survivors were born at Auschwitz or were children at Auschwitz, marvel at these miracles. Amen.
  1. Before our relics shalt thou bow, and shalt make the goyim bow. When making a pilgrimage to the holy places, such as Auschwitz, the Golgotha ​​of the great Jewish martyrdom transformed into Barnum’s City of Humbug, thou wilt see neither real gas chambers nor real ruins of gas chambers; at Auschwitz-I thou wilt be shown, yea, a “gas chamber” but “Everything in it is false” (French historian Éric Conan in 1995). Thou wilt see masses of shoes, eyeglasses or hair said to be “of the gassed”, or still, bars of soap supposedly made from the fat of our Jewish brethren and sisters. Piously shalt thou keep from your mind the idea that, in all the lands of Europe at war, within the camps as without, scarcity, shortages, naval blockades, the destruction by the bombardments of the Allies did render necessary the recovery of all kinds of materials, become rare, as well as their mending, refurbishing or recycling, and that hair, for example, was used in the textile industry. Thou shalt forget that the bars of soap, after examination, have proved to be very ordinary bars of soap. Thou shalt swallow all. And at the Holocaust Memorial Museum, in Washington, thou shalt bow before the best possible testimony to the existence of the magical gas chambers: atop a heap of shoes more or less hard-worn or recycled, in letters writ large canst thou read: “We are the last witnesses”: yea, the shoes do speak. If, in that vast museum bereft of any scientific representation of whatsoever Nazi “gas chamber”, thou seest before thee canisters of Zyklon B, with all thy strength shalt thou resist the temptation to believe that the Germans employed them in a normal use (that of a product, based on hydrocyanic acid, invented by the learned Jew Haber around 1922 for to kill vermin, especially lice, carriers of typhus); thou shalt have it in thy head that the Germans did use them to kill Jews, yea, for in all things it behoveth to bring judgment only in regard to the Jews consubstantially doomed to extermination. As coin of the realm – and it is befitting to say so – shalt thou accept the phantasmagorical tales of our professional pedlars, male and female, who make the rounds of the schools, colleges and other places of learning of the goyim. Thou shalt know that in the evocation of that past, Remembrance is superior to history, the historical novel superior to scientific study, yea, drama and fiction superior to lowly material reality. Have it in thy head: the stomach of a believer in “the Holocaust” is able to digest stones. Amen.
  1. To the pinnacle of the Temple of Jerusalem thou shalt carry Father Patrick Desbois who, in the context of the association Yahad-In Unum which he hath formed with Jewish counsellors, hath developed the most staggering Holocaustic operation imaginable. Sensing, justly, that the gas worketh not as before, and that therefore it no longer behoveth to strive to sell the magical chamber, he hath replaced the “Holocaust by gas” first with the super-magical “Holocaust by bullets,” then with the ultra-super-magical “Holocaust by suffocation.” Within the “Holocaust by bullets” he had already, in June 2009, found on part of the former “Eastern Front” more than 1,200 common graves containing more than a million corpses of Jews killed by German bullets. Thou shalt not ask how many common graves he hath dug open as he hath dug open none. Thou shalt not insist to know how he hath done his counting of corpses since he hath exhumed none. Put thee here in the school of Talmudic arithmetic, according to which nought + nought = more than a million. Thou shalt not ask him how he hath done his sums of bodies, bodies which no-one, starting with him, hath seen or noticed. Thou shalt believe him on his word. He is a hell of a holy man; yea, even amongst historians who have come to criticise him, nary a one dareth say that the emperor hath no clothes, that he is naked as a worm, and that Father Desbois hath to his credit strictly no discoveries of common graves, no discoveries of bodies Jewish or not Jewish (except for a few normally buried bodies, for example in the Jewish cemetery of the Ukrainian town of Busk). In London, in 2006, “Rabbi Schlesinger, very old” did teach unto Father Desbois that “the Jews assassinated by the Third Reich were tsadiqim, ‘saints’, and that the plenitude of eternal life had been granted them. Because of this, their burial places, wherever situated – under a motorway or in a garden – should be left intact so as not to disturb their rest” (The Holocaust by bullets: a priest’s journey to uncover the truth behind the murder of 1.5 million Jews). In the Ukraine and in Galicia, lands of countless battles between Germans and Russians during the Second World War, Father Desbois hath had the surprise of discovering German bullet casings. He hath been quick to reason that these be so much material proof that Jewish civilians, yea only Jews, were slain by bullets. Sagely doth he pronounce: “The Germans did not use more than one bullet to kill a Jew. Three hundred cartridges, 300 bullets, 300 people executed here.” In holy poppycock Father Desbois doth exceed the most cheeky apostles of all time and of all the earth: homage be rendered to him. He hath told us: well over six million Jews died. And when thou readst his final chapter on the “Holocaust by suffocation” carried out in the night with comforters or pillows and when thou so beholdst this unknown Holocaust which is the very apex of the spontaneous slaughter of the Jews, thou shalt hold back from giggling and shalt say to thyself: “This is giant hog slop of the sublimest kind. He would have us swallow it all, yea, readily. Behold here how it behoveth to talk unto Christians, those pigeons for plucking (in his boyhood, with his grandsire, he did pluck and sell poultry in the French land of Bresse). He doth deserve the Legion of Honour which Sarközy-Mallah hath stuck upon him, and also the yellow carpet which is laid out before him all over the world, and the synagogues brimful of hats, yea, and the honours of the Sorbonne with the backing of Professor Edouard Husson. The Nobel sick-joke-and-tricks prize awaiteth Father Desbois.” Amen.
  1. In the name of Remembrance, ever shalt thou demand more money and more warlike crusades against the new Hitlers, who are legion with their weapons – in tinplate – of mass destruction. Holocausts shalt thou demand, yea but holocausts of goyim. Repeat after me: “We need money, more money.” Or: “The more I wail, the more I get; the more I get, the more I wail!” Or: “Wars, wars always and always more wars! It’s good for the Shoah Business and Holocaust Industry.” Jehovah, at your prayers, will halt the course of the sun around the earth in order that the slaughter of the goyim may go on for all the day. Jehovah will know His own. How beautiful is the future thus ordered for us! Hail the compulsory teaching of the Holocaust, beginning with the little children and their “Simone Veil school case”! Hail the special indoctrination of the gendarmes, policemen, judges, soldiers, teachers, journalists! Hail the multiplication of Shoatic plaques on buildings, on the front walls of schools, on monuments! Hail the pilgrimages to Auschwitz with full charter planes and coaches! Hail the blackmail to which so many institutions like the French national railways and so many countries like Switzerland have succumbed! Wanting at first to resist, some of them have asked for justifications. And they have come to grief for it! Quite rightly the rejoinder hath been made to them that such anti-Semitic reflexes did aggravate their case and that it behoved them forthwith, without any jabbering, to give unto the blackmailers the sums that had been set. They bowed down. They did pay cash on the nail. And this meaneth that we shall return unto them in future to demand surplus of “restitution, reparations, indemnities and compensation.” And Germans whose parents were yet not even born in 1945 will give, at least until the year 2030, billions to Jews who are yet not even come into the world. “Jewify or die”: that is the watchword which must dictate all lines of conduct. To so noble an ideal it behoveth them to sacrifice all, then, once they shall have given all, those of their government shall be ordered to give, yea even more. And certain of these goyim may think: “It is not possible: they will – will they not? – stop one day; they will in truth – will they not? – realise that they do go too far.” That is when it shall behove us to go “farther than too far.” And through our chutzpah, yea our unflappable gall, we must dumfound the goy. Take thou the example of France where, thanks to the understanding of Mr Guillaume Pepy, SNCF chairman, each traveller who payeth the price of a train ticket doth make thereby, unknowingly, his offering to the most wealthy Baron Eric Rothschild, accredited guardian of the Memory of the Shoah. Amen.
  1. Thus shalt thou become worthy of those of us who, in the year 1900, did find the goose that layeth the golden eggs with the wondrous stroke of the Six Million. It is high time to reveal it: as early as 1900, and perhaps even before that year, certain Jews of New York did have, with Rabbi Stephen Wise, the brilliant idea of ​​a publicity campaign for to tout the invariable and profitable refrain: “For our six million brethren dying in Europe, give!” Making a speciality of the printing of such pages, the New York Times through the years of the 1900s, 1910s, 1920s, 1930s did repeat that refrain. At first, the bloodthirsty villains designated by the American Jews were the Russians, the Ukrainians, the Tsars. In a second stage, the villains were the Poles and their generals. In a third stage, in the 1930s, the Germans and Hitler did become the target. And tides of money did flow to feed propaganda which attained fabulous dimensions. Hatred for that people of Jew-killers did grow. The great crusade against Hitler loomed. Again one more propaganda effort, more money for to spread the faith in democracy, yea also in the Soviet democracy, and, lo, finally in 1941 the new war was become worldwide. And much great Business was in the offing. The United States must need join the dance alongside Uncle Joe. The Americans did send across the two Oceans their boys and their flying fortresses for to phosphorise civilians, and to atomise Japanese cities (and since then, in latter times, are gone forth to treat various other peoples most democratically with napalm, agent orange, depleted uranium). And the Holy Alliance of Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin did multiply pious and blood-red lies. Behold 1945: the war is won. The curtain falleth. And at the trial of Nuremberg is revealed that which will be the highlight of a show worthy of Hollywood and of Broadway: this time the Six Million are no longer “dying in Europe”, nay, but they are simply declared dead, killed, yea annihilated. Still, how shall it come to pass that the Nuremberg judges do endorse that figure of Six Million Jews? That piercing number, the U.S. delegation, whose membership is 75% Jewish (quoth Thomas J. Dodd, chief prosecutor at Nuremberg in a private letter revealed in 2007), doth naturally have it in mind from all time. And a providential solution doth arrive in the person of a German prisoner threatened with consignment to the Hungarian Communists, and who shall be blackmailed. In the last months of the war, Lieutenant-Colonel Wilhelm Höttl, who was to be excluded from the SS for embezzlement, did get into contact with the Allies. And he was taken in hand by the “American” team at Nuremberg, which did coddle him. And he did show a remarkable zeal. One fine day, November 7, 1945, he signed an affidavit stating that his colleague Eichmann had said, one day in Budapest in August 1944, yea almost nine months before the end of the war, that already two million Jews had been exterminated in the East and four million in “extermination camps” (Vernichtungslagern). The words of Höttl – may this remain between ourselves – are absurd: they contain – a sign of falsehood – an anachronism, yea, for “Vernichtungslagern” is but the translation of the American neologism “extermination camps,” dating from November 1944. In Jerusalem, in 1961, Eichmann, when questioned about that statement by examining magistrate of Israel Avner Less, was to speak of a “hotchpotch of muddles” (ein von Sammelsurium Durcheinander) invented by Höttl and Höttl, in turn, in 1987 was eventually to admit that no importance must be accorded to such nonsense: Eichmann, said he, had spoken under the effect of drunkenness, and suffered in the face of Höttl an inferiority complex which did lead him to exaggerate the facts and the figures. Happily, the judges at Nuremberg proceeded so that never could the defence examine Höttl and, to end, they did go so far as to pronounce in their final judgment that the Germans had exterminated six million Jews just as had been affirmed… by Eichmann in person! Good believer that thou art, thou shalt honour the thousands of falsities so committed by the judges and historians. Glory be rendered unto them. For without them the entire edifice of the Great and Pious lie of “the Holocaust” would come tumbling down. Thou shalt make it a duty for the rest of thy days: yea, after the example of those historians and those judges, it will behove thee to say all, do all, invent all, that the edifice of our most dear and holy “Holocaust”, already cracked and quaking, shall not perish for ever. Jehovah will thank thee; otherwise, as in the words of David, he will punish thee with the “sharp arrows of the mighty, with coals of juniper”.

It may be, verily, that the delirium of lying and believing is as catching as the itch. And what of it?! Let us contract that itch. Let us take care to contaminate therewith, for the present, six thousand millions of men and, for the generations to come, yea many other thousands of millions still. Let us act so that the crust of the earth shall be flayed thereby until the end of time. Amen.

Certified accurate: Robert Faurisson, at last come to repentance on April 1, 2011