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The horned visions of the “Holocaust”

The “Holocaust” of the Jews is a fiction. The number one historian of this fictitious “Holocaust” is the Jewish-American Raul Hilberg. Its number one witness is the Slovakian-British-Canadian Jew Rudolf Vrba. The bible of the “Holocaust” religion is The Encyclopedia of the Holocaust.

On examining these three sources closely, one realises that in order to try to demonstrate the reality of the “Holocaust”, R. Hilberg, R. Vrba and the authors of this Jewish encyclopaedia have had recourse to silly stunts, nonsense and twaddle that, under a phantasmagoric guise, serve the most sordid interests. These Jews ask us, in effect, to believe in:

  1. A military tribunal’s innate knowledge in the matter of exceptional crimes purported to have been committed against the Jews; the judges of this tribunal never visited “the scene of the crime”, never ordered any forensic studies, never saw or described “the crime weapon”; there was never any international investigative committee; this tribunal, as well as all those which have, for the past fifty years and more, had the task of trying “Nazis”, “collaborators” or revisionist authors, spared itself the trouble of bringing forth evidence of what it took the liberty of calling, without further ado, “facts of common knowledge” (sic)[1];
  2. The existence of mind reading or telepathy in the vastness of the German bureaucracy which, it seems, thanks to “an incredible meeting of minds, a consensus-mind reading by a far-flung bureaucracy”, supposedly took (one knows not where or how) all sorts of initiatives, with the aim of the physical extermination of the Jews;
  3. – The spontaneous generation of a coordination of all of these exterminatory initiatives without recourse to either an order, a plan or the least instruction on the part of Adolf Hitler or of any Nazi at all (a concession has ended up being made to the revisionists: the “Wannsee minutes” had nothing to do with a plan to exterminate the Jews);
  4. – The hypostatic reality of the never-shown, never-described Nazi gas chamber which, by media bludgeoning and all kinds of artifice, has been planted in people’s minds to the point that they imagine that yes, indeed, they have in fact been shown this magic gas chamber, or have had it described for them;
  5. – The workings of the Holy Spirit in the creation of these chemical slaughterhouses called Nazi gas chambers;
  6. – The magic of said slaughterhouses’ operation for, if one looks closely, they must have defied all the laws of physics and chemistry;
  7. – “Poetic licence” (sic) to reinforce the truth of the testimony;
  8. – The cabalistic interpretation of numbers, an interpretation allowing a purported total of 5 to 6 million Jewish victims to stay invariable even though – essential parts of this whole – the numbers of Jews having died at Auschwitz or in whatever other camp have, year after year, been undergoing sometimes dizzying reductions in the official historians’ estimates;
  9. – The proliferation of miracles which, after the war, made it possible to present millions of European Jews as so many “miraculously” saved “living witnesses of the Holocaust” and “living proofs of the Holocaust”, while these millions, who had been under the control of the Germans and survived, are in reality living proofs that Germany never had a policy of physical extermination of the Jews;
  10. – The consubstantial innocence of the Jews and the consubstantial guilt of non-Jews; as innocent as the spotless lamb, the Jews were supposedly led to the slaughter by the Germans with the complicity of, or in the face of the indifference of the rest of the world, including the French, the British, the Americans, and the Soviets; consequently, by way of “indemnities” and “reparations” of all sorts, a huge swindle allows all the Jews of Israel or elsewhere, whether of the war generation or the following ones (the second and the third), to receive enormous sums of money from certain nations, and especially from the Germans, some of whom, when they have been born into this world after the year 2000 and attained taxpaying age, will have to pay their part for the crimes purportedly committed nearly a century earlier by their forbears. It is thus that, though rejecting – in words – the idea of “collective guilt”, the Jews in practice hold the whole of the German people collectively guilty, and this from generation to generation; still better, they reckon that since the beginning of time all peoples have contracted a debt towards them, and that as a result every non-Jew is liable to Shylock for a pound of his own flesh.

The exterminationists are illusionists.

And, to borrow the phrase of the American revisionist Ingrid Rimland, the exterminazionists are extorzionists.

To forbid us, on pain of imprisonment and fines, to deny that there has been a “Holocaust” of the Jews is, in practice, to oblige us to believe in the ten stunts described above.

It may seem surprising that just three years from the year 2000 so many people still accept these horned visions[2] as real, while they are worthy both of Moses on Mount Sinai and of the still-standing Golden Calf. It must be said that, for more than half a century, all means have been used to effect a certain mind-conditioning. We have been led by carrot and stick, by whip and by cudgel. We have been, as concerns the “Holocaust”, turned into Pavlov dogs, followers of the Pied Piper, parrots, monkeys, circus animals. Morning, noon, afternoon, evening, and night the media drum into us the tale of the sufferings of the Jews and of the non-Jews’ cruelty or indifference; among the latter, an exception is made only for a few “Just”, chosen as such by Israel the better to highlight the fundamental baseness of those not belonging to God’s chosen people.

To those who doubt the possibility of such a conditioning let us suggest a reading – or a rereading – of George Orwell’s Animal Farm, published in 1945.[3]  

January 31, 1997


[1] “The Tribunal shall not require proof of facts of common knowledge but shall take judicial notice thereof” (article 21 of the Charter of the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal). Klaus Barbie and Paul Touvier were convicted for complicity in a “policy of extermination” of which not even their lawyers, Jacques Vergès and Jacques Tremolet de Villers, demanded proof. Now the lawyers of Maurice Papon are getting ready to make the same accommodation.
[2] Let the reader be reminded that horned visions are extravagant inventions like that of the horned argument: “You possess what you have not lost; you have not lost any horns; therefore you have horns.” These visions may not be inoffensive but indeed diabolical.
[3] One might also read an anonymous English author’s The Fable of the Ducks and the Hens / A Dramatic Saga of Intrigue, Propaganda and Subversion.