“The Crusaders”, their lies, their cowardice

Remember the first Crusade against Iraq in 1990, with its Big Lie of the alleged slaughter of Kuwaiti babies torn from their incubators, then the second in 2003, with the Big Lie of the alleged Weapons of Mass Destruction (a pale copy of The Gigantic Lie of the alleged “Destruction of the European Jews”).

For 25 years America and too many European countries have been behaving like “Crusaders” in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Mali, Palestine (with intrusions by the Zionists since the 1880’s), …

Recently, in France, Michel Onfray, a philosopher, repeated partly what I’ve often said about our ongoing war against certain countries of the Moslem world. He specified that in 25 years we had killed 4 million Moslems (he did not indicate his source for that figure).

I, for one, am inclined to say: The Moslems can’t stay with their arms crossed in the face of the wars that “the Crusaders” have been waging against them since 1990. Outside their own countries they fight essentially with the poor man’s weapons: the bullet or the knife. We haven’t the right to call them “cowards”. We’re the ones who fight like cowards. We arrive, with our 1,000 km per hour planes, at our targets, we drop bombs that kill combatants and civilians together and we leave again at 1,000 km per hour after a swig of Coke.

What is ironic is that, in France, at school and everywhere else, we are told that during the GOOD WAR of 1939-1945 our glorious Résistants used to murder German soldiers or French collaborateurs “à la balle et au couteau” (with bullet or knife). The famous “Chant des Partisans” contains the ugly sentence: “Ohé, les tueurs à la balle et au couteau, tuez vite!” (Heh, killers with the bullet or the knife, kill quickly!). The authors of that song’s lyrics were two Jews, Joseph Kessel and Maurice Druon. They both survived the war.

The consequence of those murders was that, according to the international laws of war, the Germans had the right to execute thousands of innocent civilians in reprisal. At the beginning, Charles de Gaulle himself expressed his disapproval of that kind of war against the German soldiers but, finally, to please the Communist Party and its Jews, core of our “Wonderful Résistance”, he gave his approval.

“Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace”, the American Harry Elmer Barnes would have said! “Le Mensonge d’Ulysse”, the Frenchman Paul Rassinier would have said!

Both were outstanding revisionists.

December 14, 2015