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Robert Faurisson speaking in New York (audio)

September 6, 1980 (2 hours 4 minutes)

In September 1980 Professor Faurisson addressed a revisionist gathering in New York held under the auspices of the Ridgewood Group.

Here is a recently discovered [2023] recording of that meeting in the early years of the Professor’s great intellectual adventure, which he pursued constantly from 1978 until the day of his death forty years later.

The Ridgewood Group, named for a district in the New York borough of Queens, was founded by Mr Fritz Berg, who introduces Faurisson; the Professor speaks from the 11 minute mark, presents a series of slides with photographs from Auschwitz and, later on, answers questions from the audience.

A year before this event the group had filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission in Washington against the broadcast by the national television network NBC of the notorious Hollywood miniseries Holocaust.

In July 1979 members of the Jewish Defense Organization, a violent Zionist group, physically assaulted F. Berg at St Patrick’s Cathedral in midtown Manhattan where he was attending a “Mass for the Captive Nations”, i.e. the countries sacrificed to the Soviet moloch after the Second World War.