Professor Faurisson’s “Discussion Forum” following his talk in Tehran (December 11, 2006)

Professor Faurisson in Tehran: video extracts from the “Discussion forum” following his talk of December 11, 2006 at the “International conference on review of the Holocaust” or “Review of the Holocaust: Global Vision”. These extracts have been on line, apparently, only since June 2009, thanks to an anonymous revisionist with whom this site has never been in contact.

Here the Professor expounds on certain crucial points, for example the “Final Territorial Solution” of the Jewish question as projected by the German government in 1942 (a project of which the vital word “territorial” is never seen or uttered in the orthodox accounts), the absence of any proof whatsoever of the existence of a German plan to kill Jews (as admitted by the exterminationists themselves) and the Allied leaders’ silence on the question of the alleged homicidal gas chambers both during and after the war.