Pierre Vidal-Naquet wants to strangle, crush, kill Faurisson

The whole back page of today’s French daily Libération is devoted to Pierre Vidal-Naquet.

The article is by Judith Rueff and headed “L’antimythe” (“The antimyth”). Above the heading: “Pierre Vidal-Naquet, aged 75, historian and Hellenist. Fierce opponent of torture during the war in Algeria, he has never since stopped fighting all falsifications”.

Extracts of the article: “His job of historian is to demystify […]. Let him look into Atlantis (‘my best book and doubtless the last’), to decrypt the Platonic invention of the lost continent and see in it a portent of National-Socialist madness. Same thing when he morally crushes Faurisson and the deniers of the Nazi genocide. ‘One of the things in my life that I take pride in’”.

On the paper’s website (liberation.fr) a single short audio segment of the interview may be heard, and it is devoted to me and the “negationists”, that is, the revisionists.

Extracts of the recording: “Faurisson was an absolutely hateful and abject being”. “If I had got Faurisson in my hands, I wouldn’t have hesitated to strangle him”. On the subject of the “negationists”, P. Vidal-Naquet declares: “They have to be fought and crushed like cockroaches […]. The one who’s really killed them is me; everyone recognises it, including them, and it’s one of the things in my life that I take pride in”.

The day before yesterday, January 4 (p. 9), the writer of an article entitled “Libération contre Faurisson” announced that Édouard de Rothschild’s newspaper was bringing charges against me because “in the December 6 issue of the Holocaust denial publication Dubitando, close to Robert Faurisson,” there appeared the copy of an article, by the same Judith Rueff, devoted to Simon Wiesenthal.

However, I am not in charge of that little review – which, incidentally, is quite well put together – and have nothing to do with its circulation. Without asking my permission, Dubitando publishes articles by me and other revisionists that have probably been picked up on the Internet.

NB: On Jewish violence see Nachman Ben-Yehuda, Political Assassinations by Jews / A Rhetorical Device for Justice, State University of New York, 1993, XX-527 p., and Robert Faurisson, “Jewish militias: fifteen years, and more, of terrorism in France” [written in June 1995], Journal of Historical Review, March-April 1996, p. 2-13.

January 6, 2006

of November 17, 2006: P. Vidal-Naquet died on July 29, 2006. In a posthumous work, L’Histoire est mon combat / Entretiens avec Dominique Bourel et Hélène Monsacré (Albin Michel, 2006, 224 p.), one may notably read: “Heidegger – I kill him!” (p. 9), “In the gallery of my hatreds, there is first and foremost Robert Faurisson” (p. 116), “That Papon, I would gladly kill him” (p. 197).