Pierre Vidal-Naquet wants to strangle, crush, kill Faurisson

The whole back page of today’s French daily Libération is devoted to Pierre Vidal-Naquet.

The article is by Judith Rueff and headed “L’antimythe” (“The antimyth”). Above the heading: “Pierre Vidal-Naquet, aged 75, historian and Hellenist. Fierce opponent of torture during the war in Algeria, he has never since stopped fighting all falsifications”.

Extracts of the article: “His job of historian is to demystify […]. Let him look into Atlantis (‘my best book and doubtless the last’), to decrypt the Platonic invention of the lost continent and see in it a portent of National-Socialist madness. Same thing when he morally crushes Faurisson and the deniers of the Nazi genocide. ‘One of the things in my life that I take pride in’”.

On the paper’s website (http://www.liberation.fr) a single short audio segment of the interview may be heard, and it is devoted to me and the “negationists”, that is, the revisionists.

Extracts of the recording: “Faurisson was an absolutely hateful and abject being”. “If I had got Faurisson in my hands, I wouldn’t have hesitated to strangle him”. On the subject of the “negationists”, P. Vidal-Naquet declares: “They have to be fought and crushed like cockroaches […]. The one who’s really killed them is me; everyone recognises it, including them, and it’s one of the things in my life that I take pride in”.

The day before yesterday, January 4 (p. 9), the writer of an article entitled “Libération contre Faurisson” announced that Edouard de Rothschild’s newspaper was bringing charges against me because “in the December 6th issue of the Holocaust denial publication Dubitando, close to Robert Faurisson,” there appeared the copy of an article, by the same Judith Rueff, devoted to Simon Wiesenthal.

However, I am not in charge of that little review – which, incidentally, is quite well put together – and have nothing to do with its circulation. Without asking my permission, Dubitando publishes articles by me and other revisionists that have probably been picked up on the Internet.

NB: On Jewish violence see Nachman Ben-Yehuda, Political Assassinations by Jews / A Rhetorical Device for Justice, State University of New York, 1993, xx-527 p., and Robert Faurisson, “Jewish militias: fifteen years, and more, of terrorism in France” [written in June 1995], The Journal of Historical Review, March-April 1996, p. 2-13.

January 6, 2006

Addition of November 17, 2006: P. Vidal-Naquet died on July 29, 2006. In a posthumous work, L’Histoire est mon combat / Entretiens avec Dominique Bourel et Hélène Monsacré (Albin Michel, 2006, 224 p.), one may notably read: “Heidegger – I kill him!” (p. 9), “In the gallery of my hatreds, there is first and foremost Robert Faurisson” (p. 116), “That Papon, I would gladly kill him” (p. 197).