Letter to the New Statesman

re: “The Men Who Whitewash Hitler”

Noam Chomsky, the famous professor (of Jewish origin) at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is aware of the research work I do on what revisionist historians term “the gas chamber and genocide hoax.” He informed me that Gitta Sereny had mentioned my name in the above article, and stated that I had been referred to “in an extraordinarily unfair way.”

I have just read the article in question, and it is an insult to all those who without political motivation devote themselves to the discovery of historical truth, by means of routine historical research. It is a special insult and outrage to the memory of my fellow countryman Paul Rassinier, himself a former concentration camp inmate who died in 1967. Rassinier sacrificed his life to the service of truth, and to the denunciation of an enormous historical lie.

“There is no proof whatsoever that Nero set fire to Rome.” The historian who first said that did not want to “whitewash” Nero; he was only concerned with the truth. In the same way, we do not try to “whitewash” Hitler when we say that there is not the slightest proof that he ordered the “extermination” of the Jews; or even that such “extermination” took place. Certainly persecution existed; but there was no “extermination,” “genocide” or “Holocaust.”

Gitta Sereny is unable to offer a single item of evidence to the contrary. She does mention Nuremberg document NO-365, but this “document” is not even signed, and is therefore worthless as evidence. She mentions the “Commissar Order”; but clearly she has not read the document, for the meaning of it is not what she thinks. She ought to take a look at NOKW-1076. She goes on to mention the “Aktion Reinhardt,” but again, this does not imply any mass killing; it merely refers to the confiscation of the property of deported Jews.

She quotes a letter published in Die Zeit, written by Professor Broszat. Again, one wonders if she has read this letter, for it is dated 19 August 1960, not 1962. It appears on page 16. This letter states quite clearly that there were no mass killings in “gas chambers” either in Dachau or anywhere else in the former Reich. May I remind you that up until 1960 we were supposed to have thousands of proofs, confessions, and eye-witness evidence that there were mass killings at Dachau, Ravensbrück, Buchenwald, and so on? Therefore, we now have to acknowledge that the authors of such confessions (Suhren, Schwarzhüber, Dr Treite) must have been subjected to “persuasive questioning” on the part of their French, British and American jailers. This should give food for thought, at least as far as the “confessions” are concerned.

Rudolf Höss (not to be confused with Rudolf Hess, still imprisoned in Spandau) was one of the three successive commandants of Auschwitz. He is the only one to have left “confessions.” These “confessions” are preposterous in the extreme. Besides the Treblinka and Belzec camps, he has invented a third camp at Wolzek, a place which cannot be found on any map of Poland! Höss was handed over to the Polish authorities by the British. After a travesty of justice masquerading as a trial, he was hanged. But while he was awaiting death, his communist jailers allowed him write his “confessions” in the best traditions of the Moscow show trials.

To explain away the contradictions and the absurdities of his earlier declarations to the British interrogators, the communists allowed him to recall that he had been tortured by the British Field Security Police “with riding-whip and alcohol” and then tortured some more by a British major, who was also a magistrate, at Minden an der Weser. Höss signed his affidavit (PS-3868) for the British on 5 April 1946 – an affidavit written in American-English, which there is no evidence he could understand. Ten days later, Höss appeared as a witness before the International Military Tribunal at Nurnberg, and his “evidence” on Auschwitz astonished the entire world. In actual fact, this “evidence” was not uttered by Höss himself, but consisted of an American prosecutor reading to him selected passages from his affidavit, and Höss blankly answering “yes.” According to many people, Höss was in a state of “schizophrenic apathy.”

Regarding the tortures systematically inflicted on the German soldiers and officers by the Allies, one should read Sir Reginald Paget’s book Manstein: His Campaign and His Trial (Collins, London 1951). On page 109 one finds that the (U.S.) Simpson Inquiry Commission “reported among other things that of the 139 cases they had investigated, 137 had had their testicles permanently destroyed by kicks received from the American War Crimes Investigating Team.”

But torture is not the only way history can be distorted. Many journalists and other writers simply pretend that the accused has made statements which they never in fact made! To give one example, the general public believes that Sergeant Franz Gustav Wagner has cynically declared in Sao Paulo: “At Sobibor we used to gas thousands of people, and this did not disturb me in the least: it was my job.” However, a paper like Le Monde, which is sometimes well-informed, has revealed that in fact Wagner had declared he had never taken part in any assassination of Jews or any other inmate, but that he was only doing his job. As you see, some journalists have decided that “his job” was killing people.

The journalists who do not care about truth are simply following the lead of the judges and magistrates in every country (particularly Western Germany) who, for the past 35 years, have taken it upon themselves to judge “war criminals” (a phrase thought up by the victors to apply only to the vanquished). The Nurnberg International Tribunal itself has given us a model of this indifference to the truth. Here are some extracts from its charter:

Article 19: “The Tribunal shall not be bound by technical rules of evidence (…)”

Article 21: “The Tribunal shall not require proof of facts of common knowledge, but shall take judicial notice thereof (…).

The Institute for Historical Review (USA) has offered a reward of $50,000 to anyone who can bring definite proof that the Germans used “gas chambers” to kill Jews. Gitta Sereny might be interested.

Zyklon B is hydrocyanic acid; still used in France to disinfest ships. It adheres strongly to surfaces. To enter a place which has been disinfected with it, one has to wait nearly 24 hours for natural aeration (not ventilation). Now, here is my question: How could the members of the “Sonderkommando” enter the lethal “gas chamber” immediately after the death of the victims, and while eating and drinking; that is to say, if I understand correctly, without even a gas mask? How could they pull out with their bare hands the thousands of cyanided corpses drenched in an atmosphere of hydrocyanic acid? How could they cut hair, pull out teeth and so on, when in an American prison gas chamber there are 40 operations that need to be done (including partial neutralisation of hydrocyanic acid by ammonia) before going into the cubicle with gas masks, rubber gloves and apron, in order to carefully clean the corpse so that the doctor and his assistants should not be poisoned? If the Germans had not cared about the health of the “Sonderkommando” members, these men would have died on the spot, and so the “gas chamber” would never have received its next batches of victims.

The aerial photographs of Auschwitz recently published by the CIA show that everything is in complete contradiction with everything we have been told by the so-called eyewitnesses, about crowds of people waiting to be murdered, and the heavy smoke perpetually rising from the crematorium chimneys.

As for Sobibor and Treblinka, one should read Mrs Sereny’s own book Into That Darkness (André Deutsch, London 1974). In 70 hours of talks with Franz Stangl, Mrs Sereny did not ask one question about the technicalities of the “gas chambers.” What kind of gas? What mechanism for gassing? What chemical process? How many victims? How was it possible to enter right away? There is not even one shred of evidence, nor one item of proof, that even one “gas chamber” existed in either Sobibor or Treblinka. Mrs Sereny does not even give the real plans of the camps!

I am neither a former Nazi, nor a neo-Nazi. I hate fascism and any form of persecution. But because I have declared that the “gas chambers” and “genocide” are one and the same historical lie, I have been subjected to abuse, I have been assaulted, I cannot give lectures in my University (even though the behaviour of my own students has been perfectly correct), I am prosecuted. My life has become most difficult, but it does have purpose, and I know that I shall go my own way. It is my duty.

30 November 1979


“Letter to the New Statesman”, Journal of Historical Review, 1, 2, Summer 1980, p. 157-161.