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Le Monde‘s astonishing return, in 2012, to my article of December 29, 1978!

On December 29, 1978, Le Monde published, under my name, a column entitled “‘The problem of the gas chambers’ or ‘the rumour of Auschwitz’“. On August 20, 2012 I drew up a summary of that newspaper’s behaviour thus far with regard to historical revisionism.[1]

The 1978 column, followed by a second piece of mine on January 16, 1979, was to have a resounding impact in France and abroad. In it for the first time a revisionist set forth, in a context of material, scientific and criminological argumentation, the problem of the existence of that (alleged) weapon of mass destruction. It must be noted that in order to do so I used the discovery I had made on March 19, 1976 at Auschwitz: that of the building plans of all the crematoria supposed to have contained homicidal gas chambers; those drawings, which until  then had been kept hidden in the archives, showed that the spaces so designated were actually all innocuous cold rooms for corpses awaiting cremation. I had gone to Auschwitz and examined the grounds and buildings (the scenes of the crime), including those in ruins. I had studied the murder weapon, that is, I had looked into the draconian conditions for the use of Zyklon B (hydrogen cyanide gas) for disinfestation or pest control. I had been to the United States to examine an execution gas chamber – that of the penitentiary in Baltimore, Maryland – operating with the very same hydrogen cyanide gas.

My discoveries and findings had deeply disturbed the proponents of the official case for the alleged extermination of the Jews, opening, so to speak, a wound, and in 2012 that wound remained open at Le Monde, which often found itself criticised for having, in 1978, “published Faurisson”.

Although well aware of this state of things, on August 1, 2012 I was still rather surprised when Ariane Chemin, a female Le Monde journalist, came to see me at my home, bearing some odd news: Le Monde had decided to deal with a column published in its pages 34 years earlier, on December 29, 1978. And indeed three weeks later, on August 21, Louis Dreyfus’s newspaper carried a lengthy article by Mrs Chemin explaining to its readers how, in 1978, it had committed a “monumental blunder”; she openly found fault with the management of the time and presented me as a deceiver, a professional forger who had managed to get published “almost by breaking and entering”.

That article of August 21, 2012 by Ariane Chemin was headed “Le jour où Le Monde a publié la tribune de Faurisson“, and my report on it, dated September 11, 2012, bore the title “Les ‘chambres à gaz’ et Le Monde, en perdition“.

The content of Mrs Chemin’s piece was so poor and so insulting that I had to file a suit for libel against both her and Louis Dreyfus, as well as La Société éditrice du Monde. The trial is scheduled for Thursday, November 28, 2013 from 1.30 pm in the seventeenth chamber of the Paris correctional court.

January 30, 2013


[1] See “On December 29, 1978, Le Monde published, under my name, “’The problem of the gas chambers’ or ‘the rumour of Auschwitz’”.