In September 1989, in France, a “normal and natural” assault on a revisionist

Today is September 26, 2018. Ten days ago I forgot to recall that we were “celebrating” the 29th anniversary of an assault of which I, when aged sixty, was the target in a park in Vichy. My sixth assault.

Up to now I have suffered only ten: two in Vichy, two in Lyon, four in Paris and two in Stockholm.

That sixth is the one that has had and, still today, continues to have the most harrowing after-effects. Indeed, much later on, at the age of about 85, I began to suffer dreadful, piercing pain due to facial nerve damage – more precisely, damage to the trigeminal nerve. This can be palliated with either Tegretol or Pregabalin (Lyrica). Look them up.*

On learning my name the next day, my “saviour” – without whose intervention I think I’d have died – said he regretted having saved my life. The statement I gave to the police included the full name of the man who’d mounted the ambush. Two years previously he had assaulted me with body punches at the Sporting Club in Vichy, “professionally” looking to strike right at my heart and do harm there: no blows to the face, all aimed at the heart. Several days later, before the spectacle of my black-and-blue chest, a cardiologist of African origin exclaimed: “Yourrr boy, he waaaz a bomberrrr!”

On September 16, 1989 my attacker delegated three of his comrades to settle things with me. When questioned by the police as to his whereabouts on the day of the assault, he told them he’d been in Paris… at a masked ball and therefore could only give one name, that of his host there. The examining magistrate in charge of the case was careful not to call me in for an interview: she was to summon me only once, and then only to inform me that the investigation was closed. At his end, “Nazi hunter” Serge Klarsfeld acted as the media world’s spokesman and commented on the attempted assassination as follows:

What could be more normal? It’s regrettable, but normal and natural (Le Monde, September 19, 1989, p. 14).

It’s understood. Faurisson is hatred and lies whereas those who give him chase are inspired by love for humanity and devotion to the truth. He’s not even a professor. He’s never published anything – as he himself admits. He used to try to defenestrate his pupils at the Vichy lycée for girls. He’s a professional liar, a falsifier, a forger of history, a hard-headed liar, a gangster of history. There’s no point in trying to prove these accusations – it’s all patently obvious.

Remember also the declaration of the 34 historians in Le Monde of February 21, 1979 on the subject of the Jews’ “extermination” (sic): “One must not ask oneself how, technically, such a mass-murder was possible. It was technically possible, since it happened” By Jove!

September 26, 2018


* Trigeminal neuralgia is a chronic pain condition that affects the trigeminal nerve, which carries sensation from the face to the brain. For someone with trigeminal neuralgia, even mild stimulation of the face – such as from brushing teeth or putting on makeup – may trigger a jolt of excruciating pain (source: Wikipedia).