I have a dream… (English version)

To each his own dreams!

Among my own is this: there will come a day when, in a vast gallery of photographs, a revisionist freely displays, one by one, the dismal mugs of the thousand or so people, men and women, who since the 1940s have made a mark for themselves in upholding the lies of “the Holocaust” and the “gas chambers”.

In the main room will hang, in pride of place, Élie Wiesel, Simon Wiesenthal, Otto Heinrich Frank (Anne Frank’s father) and Simone Veil, as well as an array of heads of State (in particular, all the successive presidents of the United States), not forgetting the top-flight intellectuals like Jean-Paul Sartre or prestigious historians like Fernand Braudel. The photos of members of the lawyer tribe, such as Robert Badinter, and of gossip hacks, like Madeleine Jacob and Edwy Plenel, will be relegated to an annex for refuse storage.

The photos will all be connected to computers on which visitors can read, see and hear what those figures and thousands of other liars or smooth-talk pedlars have accumulated in the way of “Holocaust” lies, inventions, dishonesty, fraud, slander and insults along with calls for hatred, violence, censorship and repression against the revisionists.

But I shall have quite a few other museographic ideas to suggest, which will make the place a living, active and even, as they say, “interactive” gallery.

The jackals and vultures who, still today, are running or flying to the aid of the Great Lie are hereby warned that a place awaits them in that gallery. If ever some day, on a change of wind, they should feel a sudden urge to be forgotten, to give us the slip or plead that their “errors” were committed “in good faith”, or even attempt somehow to cover their tracks, the photographic exhibition will be there to refresh their memory and remind them of their wickedness. There will be no Great Atonement for the apostles or devotees of the Great Lie.

October 15, 2009