German “witnesses” in the film Shoah were bought at a high price

I have already shown how Claude Lanzmann, in his film Shoah, sought to make us believe in Nazi gas chambers at Auschwitz and Treblinka. He had, notably, used alleged Polish or German witnesses whose accounts were in reality vague, confused, contradictory and rich in material impossibilities.

In an interview in 1985 he already said on the subject of the “German witnesses”: “Money made up the minds of the hesitant ones” (report by Annette Lévy-Willard and Laurent Joffrin in Libération, April 25, 1985, p. 22).

Yesterday he did it again, declaring: “And then, I paid. No light sum. I paid them all, the Germans” (Virginie Malingre, “Claude Lanzmann explains Shoah to pupils before its distribution in the lycées”, Le Monde, September 16, 2004, p. 12).

September 16, 2004