Fax to the Mainichi Daily News

To the Editor

Mr Masanori Nishioka concluded from his research, as I have, that the alleged homicidal gas chambers in Auschwitz or other German camps never existed and he gave his arguments; whereas O. J. Cohen believes right away that those gas chambers existed, but does not give us even one argument. He contents himself with insulting us. Obviously, he has never read the few revisionists he mentions and whose names he distorts on not less than six occasions. He does not mention Paul Rassinier, the founder of revisionism, a Frenchman put into German concentration camps during the war as a résistant and a man who had helped the Jews, nor does he mention Professor Michel de Boüard who had also been put in such a camp as a résistant and a Communist and who became, after the war, a University professor who took up the defence of the revisionist point of view. Other revisionists are J. G. Burg (Germany), R. G. Dommergue (France) and D. Cole (USA), all of Jewish origin.

But let’s not engage in such peripheral considerations. One must address the real issue: the historical and scientific problem of the Nazi gas chambers. People who accuse Germany of having used such extraordinary chemical slaughterhouses should bring the evidence of their accusation. To begin with, they should do something that, in fact, for half a century, they have never done: they should give us a physical representation of the weapon allegedly used by the Germans, along with a clear and complete explanation of its technique and operation. For physical, chemical and technological reasons we consider that this weapon cannot even have existed and functioned. A free public debate becomes necessary. I am ready for such a debate in Tokyo.

February 20, 1995