Élie Wiesel, a tear in his eye


With consternation, Elie Wiesel, a tear in his eye, realises that everything is now revised, beginning with himself. The sign he has to hold up reads “Je suis Faurisson”. Faurisson has written much on the individual, especially a 1986 article entitled A prominent false witness: Elie Wiesel.

Near the lower left-hand corner one will note the registration number that Elie Wiesel claimed had been his at Auschwitz and which, after verification, proved to be that of Lazar Wiesel. A fine little identity theft!

Those who wish to “do something for revisionism” might perhaps, in their spare time, carry out mailings or postings of this cartoon either in colour or in black and white.

Even a Pierre Vidal-Naquet denounced the impostor:

Elie Wiesel […] will say just any rubbish […] It’s enough to read a certain description in Night to realise that some of his descriptions are not accurate and that he ends up turning himself into a Shoah merchant […] Well, he too has done wrong, and an immense wrong, to the historical truth (quoted in the monthly Zéro, April 1987, interview with Michel Folco, p. 57).

October 31, 2016