Bibi Netanyahu takes up my challenge!

For nearly 55 years I have been repeating: “Show me or draw me a Nazi gas chamber.”

The first time must have been in about 1961, during my first visit, in Paris, to the Centre de documentation juive contemporaine (“centre of contemporary Jewish documentation” – CDJC). I insisted. I wanted to obtain a physical and technical representation of that chamber of magical powers, that is, a photo or a technical drawing of the prodigious weapon of mass destruction that had come out of who knows where?, since no document attested to its creation or functioning.

In the course of preparing or holding a hundred or a thousand trials of “Nazis” or “collaborators” accused of having directly or indirectly “sent the Jews to the gas chambers”, the justice officials have been satisfied with testimony regarding those chambers and, in utter contempt of judicial standards and practices, have ordered no forensic investigations to enable a study of 1) the scene of the crime, 2) the weapon par excellence of that exceptional crime, 3) the functioning of the weapon, 4) the victims’ bodies. Only one exception to this general absence of forensic investigation is known, but it proved totally negative and its example appears to have deterred any authority from having the technical and forensic police services do what they are necessarily ordered to do in a case of murder or even suicide. This exception is that of Struthof, with which I have dealt so often, and the forensic examination by Professor René Fabre, a toxicologist and dean of the pharmacy faculty of the University of Paris. Dated December 1, 1945, his study, which has vanished but to whose findings I discovered, in 1980, an official reference, is unequivocal in its conclusion: not a trace of HCN (hydrogen cyanide) was detected either in the alleged homicidal gas chamber left intact by the Germans, or in the exhaust stack, or in the blood or viscera of the purported “gassing” victims, remains which had been carefully stored and left, as well, by the Germans, who took their time in leaving the Struthof camp in 1944.

A minor point: never has any of the specialists whom I question on the subject told me: “But it’s very simple: go see the Struthof gas chamber or the Auschwitz-I gas chamber [which millions of pilgrims converted to the new religion, willingly or not, have visited] or the one(s) at Majdanek!”. The sceptic is not advised to go see up close something that risks producing an untoward strengthening of his scepticism. Sometimes my insistence on getting an answer has earned me threats of blows, or a ban on returning to the place of my inquiry.

But all sorts of things happen. A great figure of Jewish humanism, Bibi Netanyahu in person, has finally answered me (see the photo below). Don’t get the idea that the insolent montage’s creator has overdone it. His Bibi is only using an old recipe here: armed with chutzpah and threats in his mouth, he’s compelling you, on pain of reprisals, to believe a big lie. Remember the solemn declaration that, in 1979, 34 French historians, including the prestigious Fernand Braudel, made to me: “One must not ask oneself how, technically, such a mass-murder was possible. It was technically possible, since it happened” (Le Monde, slanted newspaper, February 21, 1979, p. 23).

April 28, 2015