A glimpse of the Norwegian Erostratus as an antirevisionist, a Zionist and a nationalist

On page 1365 of the English-language “manifesto” that, as the media inform us, Anders Breivik posted on the Internet just hours before embarking on his cold-blooded slaughter in two stages, the bomber and gunman holds forth on why “National Socialism is a dead ideology”; then, to the question “Are you a Holocaust denier?” he gives, on page 1366, the answer found below.

In brief, for him, the revisionists are in error and there was a Jewish holocaust, with its six million victims; he adds a bit further on: “I oppose deniers of the Jewish holocaust.” He describes himself as  “a strong supporter of Israel and of all Jewish patriots.” (It seems to me that the mainstream press has thus far kept hidden both this opposition to revisionism and this attachment to the State of Israel and the Zionists.) Finally, he states that he is wholly against what he calls “the Holocaust religion” for, with its emphasis on a genocide of 6 million Jews in Europe, it has the effect first of removing all national pride from Europeans and then of concealing a genocide, by Islam, of 300 million people throughout the world, a genocide that is still going on today, with Jews again amongst the victims. Breivik is in favour of nationalism, including Jewish nationalism.

Breivik’s response (p. 1366) to the question “Are you a Holocaust denier?”:

Assuming of course that you are referring to the Jewish holocaust under Nazi Germany; no, I have reviewed the evidence, both the evidence presented by the Allied powers and the anti-holocaust evidence presented by the Axis Powers and neo-Nazi movements. I don’t find the anti-holocaust evidence credible so I don’t see a reason why anyone should deny the Jewish holocaust. As far as I have understood; Nazi Germany didn’t originally want to annihilate the Jews. They were considering deportation but they didn’t really have any location to deport them to, and they weren’t offered any location by the allied forces. They didn’t start massacring the Jews until after they realised that they were losing the war and the window of opportunity was closing fast (after the failed Russian invasion in 1941). I guess, they used the following logic; they felt they had to cut out what they viewed as a cancer before they lost the war somewhat like many Serbs did during the Balkan war. They wanted to deport but as their adversaries made that impossible they chose the only solution (according to their logic). No one should try to justify genocide, it is a bad thing that cannot or should not be excused. There are always other options.

My problem with holocaust denial however is the European cultural Marxist/multiculturalist elite’s refusal to acknowledge the Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Zoroastrian genocides by the hand of the Islamic Ummah. Islam has systematically slaughtered more than 300 million people since its creation and this trend is continuing every year (see the continuation of the Assyrian, Coptic, Maronite, Hindu genocides in the Middle East). The politically correct elites of the EUSSR/USASSR are the true holocaust deniers as they refuse to acknowledge current and historical Islamic atrocities.

Furthermore, while I oppose deniers of the Jewish holocaust I realise that the “holocaust religion” is an extremely destructive force in Europe. Today, European youths are systematically brainwashed and made into pacifist eunuchs (school classes being bussed to former concentration camps and taught to reject their culture, pride etc.). Our elites, backed by the EUSSR/USASSR cultural hegemony, are stripping away any sense of pride and honour from European youths in a deliberate scheme to feminise/pacify them in order to prevent future Nazi movements from emerging. The problem here is that we are left with little to none cultural defences against any force which would want to conquer us. This is why the Islamic Ummah have been taken advantage of our lack of cultural defences and are currently colonising us, facilitated by our traitorous cultural Marxist/multiculturalist elites.

The “holocaust religion” has grown into a destructive anti-European monster, which prevents nationalistic doctrines from emerging. And without nationalistic doctrines, Europe will wither and die, which we are seeing today. It’s quite ironic that Even Israel would appear to have become a victim of it. Needless to say, while I am a strong supporter of Israel and of all patriotic Jews I acknowledge that the anti-European holocaust religion must be deconstructed, and instead replaced with an anti-Islamic version. After all we are talking about a disproportion of 6 million killed Jews vs. 300 million massacred Jews/Christians/Hindus/Buddhists/Zoroastrians/Animists.

As of now, the “holocaust religion” is one of the major factors that are making Europe vulnerable and susceptible for Islamic conquest through demographical warfare.

July 28, 2011