Bibi Netanyahu’s statement on Hitler’s “not having ordered the extermination of the Jews”: much ado about nothing!

Much ado about nothing. It was clear that Bibi’s statement in no way implied that “Hitler had not ordered the extermination of the Jews”. He was simply inventing the tale according to which the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem had given Hitler the idea of exterminating the Jews.

Such silliness offers the revisionists the sole benefit of yet another opportunity to render obvious the complete absence of any documents showing us where and when Hitler might have ordered the Jews’ extermination. Such order having never existed, the liars indulge in speculation, in all directions and on any occasion.

Hitler’s January 30, 1939 speech (i.e. just eight months before the outbreak of war), sometimes invoked to “prove” that such an order did exist, is no proof of anything. Hitler was doing then what any belligerent is inclined to do just before the start of a conflict. He said to the enemy: “You want to exterminate us? It’s we who’ll exterminate you”. Warrior’s rhetoric, posturing like that of the heroes in Homer.

October 21, 2015