From the horse’s mouth…

As the revisionists like to emphasise, belief in “the Holocaust” is really at the centre of the worldview that is being imposed on us (with, enthroned at the centre of that centre, the Magical Gas Chamber, a veritable sham in all its majesty).

Here we have a certain Denys de Béchillon, rather boorish, a bit of a simpleton and professor of public law at the University of Pau who, unintentionally, confirms in his jargon that the revisionists, at least on this point, are right. A few lines from his interview in today’s Le Monde*:

A Constitution is the primary vector of a country’s cohesion. It is therefore quite sensible to recall that our contemporary existence, as a nation, was also defined in the fight against Nazi barbarity, in the awareness of the genocide of the European Jews, and thus in the principle of the fight against anti-Semitism (and, a fortiori, Holocaust denial).

I thank the lovely Merée Drante for showing me this interview, pointing out the extract and noting that “this just-published piece corroborates” what the revisionists say.

January 10, 2014


* Affaire Dieudonné: “Une réponse adaptée à une situation extraordinaire” – Dieudonné case: “A fitting response to an extraordinary situation”.