There is no Zündelmania but only Truth-, Freedom-, and Justicemania

Reply to the editorial “Parliament catches Zündelmania”
(The Globe and Mail, Toronto, June 8, 1998)


Open your eyes, open your mind, open your heart.

Open your eyes when you visit Auschwitz or any Holocaust museum and you will see that there were no Nazi gas chambers whatsoever.

Open your mind and you will realise that the so-called Jewish “witnesses” are living proof that there was no Genocide, Holocaust or Shoah.

Open your heart and you will be overwhelmed by the sufferings that organised Jewry and its allies all over the world have inflicted for more than half a century, first on the Germans during and after the war, and since then on the Palestinians, on the revisionists, on Ernst Zündel.

Open your eyes, your mind, your heart and you will discover the phenomenal extent of the Big Lie, of its Business, of its Industry, and why organised Jewry fundamentally behaves the same way in the Diaspora as in Palestine.

Open your eyes, your mind, your heart and you will realise the gigantic responsibility of politicians and journalists in spreading hate and lies against innocent people like Zündel.

Even Zündel’s avowed enemies are mesmerised by this “little man”, as they dare to call him, fighting for Truth, Freedom, and Justice.

There is no Zündelmania. There is only a normal Truth-, Freedom-, and Justicemania.

That is why we too are “confident that the little man will only continue to grow.

June 8, 1998