“The number one weapon in Israel’s propaganda armoury”

Already in June 1979 William D. Rubinstein, a Jew, professor at Deakin University (Australia), had written:

[…] were the Holocaust shown to be a hoax, the number one weapon in Israel’s propaganda armoury disappears (Letter to Nation Review, 21 June 1979, p. 639).

Three months later, he wrote :

[…] the fact that if the Holocaust can be shown to be a “Zionist myth”, the strongest of all weapons in Israel’s propaganda armoury collapses (“The Left, the Right and the Jews”, Quadrant, September 1979, p. 27).

Professor Rubinstein, who is totally against historical revisionism, did not make a remark in passing, and depending on the context of the day, but rather expressed a judgment, and reiterated it.

December 22, 1998