My visit to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum

On August 30, 1994 I visited, in his office of the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, Michael Berenbaum who told me, in the presence of my two witnesses, that “Pressac was forbidden to publish his own figures” of the Auschwitz deaths in the English version of his book. In fact, the English version of Pressac’s book is a reduced, changed, rewritten rehash of the original French text. It was written under the control of Robert-Jan van Pelt! It has become a simple chapter of Anatomy of the Auschwitz Death Camp by Yisrael Gutman and Michael Berenbaum as editors and not less than 23 other contributors (Indiana University Press, July 1994, xvi-638 p.) Michael Berenbaum told us that the correct figure for the Auschwitz deaths was the one given by Franciszek Piper, viz. 1,100,000!

I asked him why I had not found in his Museum an answer to my challenge: “Show me or draw me a Nazi gas chamber!” Finally he said that “the decision has been made not to give any physical representation of the Nazi gas chambers”. For me, it is like the Pope deciding that there would no longer be any physical representation of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ: no more cross in the Vatican.

Berenbaum did not even try to defend his model of Krematorium-II in Birkenau with an SS man pouring Zyklon-B into vents on the roof and into perforated pillars. I told him it was a preposterous model since today the visitor to Birkenau needs only his eyes to see that there were no such vents or regular holes in the roof and that, if one manages to get underneath the partly crumbled roof, one can see that the pillars are made of solid concrete. “No holes, no Holocaust!”

On the scientific plane, it is a total failure for the Nazi gas chambers theory. Jews who are aware of this tend to abandon those gas chambers. They like to say, “Gas chambers or not, what’s the importance?” This is nonsense since, if one does not have the specific weapon any more, one cannot maintain that there was a specific crime, the genocide. They will keep on saying that there was a “Holocaust”, which is vague and is a matter of religious belief. Just as the Jews have ended up claiming that the Jewish soap story or the figure of 4 million deaths in Auschwitz was a Nazi, Polish or Communist lie, the same way will they say that the Nazi gas chambers were a Nazi, Polish or Communist lie.

October 22, 1994


Adelaide Institute Newsletter, Norwood, South Australia, 10 November 1994, p. 4-5.