Konk: his drawing of the big balloon and the pin

The masters of the Great Lie are becoming alarmed. They used to show only contempt for the revisionists, whom they took the liberty of calling “deniers”. Today they are making more and more calls for a mobilisation against those same revisionists, alerting the UN, UNESCO, the president of the United States, the Pope, the European Union, the persons in charge of all the States of the Western world and even those of some non-Western countries. And one has to understand them: they live in dread of the day to come when they will see and hear their huge balloon burst, the balloon that for 65 years has held within it “the magical gas chamber”. The expression is Louis-Ferdinand Céline’s who, in 1950, upon reading Paul Rassinier, understood that the subject was “dynamite”, for – as he wrote to his friend Albert Paraz – “It was everything, the gas chamber! It permitted EVERYTHING!”

At the centre, a “gas chamber” represented in the form of a big balloon; good and round, it is but emptiness and air. It exudes satisfaction. It is sure of itself and domineering. It takes up all the space. Who would dare to say that it did not exist?

However, it is not alone. Above to the right, a hand, appearing out of nowhere, simple, bony, careful and reduced to three fingers, holds a plain pin, rigid and sheer. The pin is less than half an inch from the balloon. The hand is obviously approaching with the intent to prick the arrogant thing.

It is about to seal the balloon’s fate. “‘Mene, Tekel, Peres’: God hath numbered thy kingdom, and finished it. Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting” (Daniel, 5, 25-27).

The balloon, which has been pumped up for us again and again with such obstinacy, is going to burst. Those watching will burst as well. For the small number of illusionists amongst them, it will be a bursting into tears and invective; for most, it will be into laughter, and with relief.

One sweep of a broom and the bit of litter left will end up in the rubbish bins of history.                                        

                                               November 6, 2010