Jewish masochism and German masochism

I thank Michael Santomauro for putting a question about what he heard me call, one day, the masochism of the Jews.

I am struck by the tendency among a great many Jews to keep reminding themselves and the rest of us, tirelessly, at every turn and even, at times, with no apparent justification, of the sufferings or humiliations that they or their forebears have endured, particularly during the Second World War. It has now been seventy-six years since that war ended with the Jews’ victory, thus the defeat of their enemies. Yet certain Jewish organisations give the impression that they are continuing that war which they won on May 8, 1945. On the subject of the Nuremberg trial, the American chief prosecutor Robert Jackson cynically declared in 1946 that it was “a continuation of the war effort of the Allied nations”. Paraphrasing him one might say of some Jewish organisations that they are still pursuing, in 2016, the victors’ war effort. For them, the defeated country is never beaten and humiliated enough and the past hardships of the Jews are never sufficiently present in everyone’s mind.

First question: is it fitting to assert, as certain authors do, that, in this constant and unhealthful returning to the war years – to their own version of them –, the Jews see an interest both financial and moral in developing a “Holocaust Industry” or a “Shoah Business”? In other words, is this persistent masochism explained, firstly, by the interest that the Jews see in ensuring themselves, in the on-going “reparations”, a considerable source of money and, secondly, by the interest that they thus see as well in an inexhaustible source of propaganda for their various causes, among which the Zionist cause?

Second question: is it fitting to add that this masochism is of so extraordinary and so unhealthful a nature that it instills in the defeated of 1945, that is, the Germans of then along with all their descendants, another masochism that leads them to want to humiliate themselves in their turn by paying out ever more money to the Jews and by subjecting still more former “Nazis”, albeit now aged over ninety, to criminal proceedings in which henceforth no evidence or witnesses are produced, a practice that leaves even “Nazi hunter” Serge Klarsfeld ill at ease (see my study of March 10, 2016 Serge Klarsfeld contre les outrances de son propre camp (Serge Klarsfeld against the excesses of his own camp)? In this case, would the persistent Jewish masochism be explained by hatred or desire for vengeance whilst the masochism of the Germans would come of resignation?

Third question: if none of the explanations contemplated above is appropriate, what other ideas can anyone suggest to explain this phenomenon of such a Jewish masochism met by such a German masochism?

June 10, 2016