Good news: Fritz Berg admits that Zyklon is explosive

Post by Friedrich Paul Berg Sun Jul 12, 2015 10:58 am

A NEW essay from Faurisson – new to me – is just one more huge fiasco by Faurisson. (robert-faurisson.com/technical/a-zyklon-b-explosive)

Faurisson obviously STILL has no idea that many German gas chambers were often equipped with forced ventilation systems (Kreislauf) containing powerful blowers and ductwork for supply and return of gases to every part of a gas chamber which allowed anyone to thoroughly and e-a-s-i-l-y ventilate railroad cars, or corpses, or food produce, or almost anything in small fractions of the time needed – compared with only natural ventilation. Ventilation times were reduced from 24 hours, or longer – to just minutes with forced ventilation depending on the size of the blowers. That kind of monumental ignorance show here by Faurisson is inexcusable – even for a professor of literature. He really is a “techno-idiot” – and Fred Leuchter is hardly any better as his total misreading of the DUPONT MSDS from 1985 proves so clearly.

BTW, I am also quite sure that I have never claimed, contrary to Faurisson’s opening line, “that there is no document stating that Zyklon is explosive.” Zyklon-B famously contained a stabilizer to help prevent explosions, not from flames, but from chemical breakdown and instability which could still cause old and damaged cans to be dangerous–and perhaps even explode. Faurisson is, of course, “losing it”–but he never had it to begin with.

Also, the document NI-9912, that Faurisson provided so proudly in pdf form, says something quite different from what Faurisson asserts with a heavy asterisk. Under “Explosionsgefahr” it says that since cyanide is explosive a-b-o-v-e 75 grams/meter one need NOT really worry since only about 8-10 grams/meter are used for fumigations. That would also suffice for mass murder.  Of course, Faurisson just does NOT get it –nothing new there at all!

But another cause for utter confusion for Faurisson is that the document says that the gas should NOT come in contact with a flame or hot wire since that would cause the cyanide to burn slowly (langsam – no “explosion”) and leave less and less cyanide available to fumigate whatever. The concern here by DEGESCH  is NOT about explosions but rather about losing whatever ability the remaining, unburned gas has to kill the vermin. Faurisson will never understand that either.

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Fred Leuchter’s comment (July 13, 2015)

Fritz:  You are clearly lying when you say that you never stated the HCN was not explosive.  You should reread or, at least, rethink what you are saying.  And, no, there were no exhaust fans at any of the alleged gas chamber locations. You know, or should know, better.  I really think you need professional help.

My own comment (July 13, 2015)

Good news: Fritz Berg admits that Zyklon is explosive.