Faurisson still waiting for “exterminationists”

December 3, 1993

To: Professor Faurisson, Vichy, France

Dear Prof. Faurisson:

Here is your letter, as published today, December 3, 1993. There have been several letters on this subject and I am sending you some by mail. It’s a hot topic! I expect more after this.

Best wishes,
Doug Collins


As for Doug Collins, he was a remarkable journalist at North Shore News. He also was attacked by Leonidas Hill, History Professor at UBC (University of British Columbia) in a letter to the editor published on November 7 under the title: “Holocaust scrutiny to refute falsifiers”.


Faurisson still waiting for “exterminationists”

Dear Editor :

In his letter of November 7, Mr. Leonidas Hill of UBC took issue with a column on the Holocaust written by Doug Collins.

In doing so, he claimed that evidence, given by me and other defence witnesses at the second Zündel trial, “collapsed under the scrutiny of historians”.

That is nonsense and so is his further claim that 5,750,000 Jews were exterminated.

A reading of the transcript of the trial suffices to show that there was no order to exterminate the Jews, no plan (not even at Wannsee), no budget, no expert report stating “this was an homicidal gas chamber” and no autopsy report stating “this was the body of an inmate killed by poison gas”.

On the contrary, proof was delivered that the alleged homicidal Nazi gas chambers coud not have existed.

After the trial, Arno Mayer, history professor at Princeton and of Jewish origin, wrote : “Sources for the study of the gas chambers are at once rare and unreliable. Besides, certainly at Auschwitz but probably overall, more Jews were killed by ‘natural causes’ than ‘unnatural ones'” (see the book Why Did the Heavens Not Darken?, Pantheon, New York 1988 [p. 362, 365]).

Hill mentioned Jean-Claude Pressac’s 1989 book Auschwitz: Technique and Operation of the Gas Chambers. That title is misleading. According to the author himself the book contains no “proofs” of the crime, but what he calls “criminal traces”.

Recently, Pressac published a second book, Les Crématoires d’Auschwitz. There is nothing new in it except that he no longer puts the number of deaths at four million (Nuremberg trial) or 1,500,000 (L. E. Hill) but 775,000 rounded up to 800,000.

The real Auschwitz figure might be about 150,000 deaths, due especially to typhus and typhoid.

I am still waiting for the “exterminationists” to respond to my challenge: “Show me or draw me a Nazi gas chamber.”