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At the European Parliament, during a conference against “Denial”, Lady Michèle Renouf asks for proof, one single proof, of “the Holocaust”

From London, where she lives, Lady Michèle Renouf has recently been to Brussels and there, equipped with the necessary authorisations, on October 6, 2009 she was able to take part, inside the very building housing the European Parliament, in a conference on “Denial and Democracy in Europe”. Devoted to the preparation of a pan-European law criminalising revisionism (in the current jargon, “Holocaust denial”), the conference attracted about two hundred people, amongst whom a few members of the European Parliament; it was held under the patronage of the German Elmar Brok, a former journalist now himself an MEP. In a lengthy account in English, Lady Renouf has summed up the content of the various talks, naturally all antirevisionist, each one more pitiful than the rest.

Amongst the photos she includes in her account are a few of one Gilles Karmazyn; hitherto, in his long-running efforts on the Internet to track down revisionists and their writings, this petty Torquemada had succeeded in hiding his face, of which no image is to be found even with Google or Wikipedia.

But the most surprising thing is that, by luck, Lady Renouf, unknown to the person presiding over the conference, obtained permission to speak after the scheduled participants and she – who is neither a revisionist nor an antirevisionist – proceeded to deliver an out-and-out plea for a free debate on “the Holocaust”; she went so far as to ask that, in order to set off that debate, one proof, one single proof of the existence of the Nazi gas chambers be supplied.

In any case, the present days seem to bear out the impression that the exterminationist argument is, as the Americans say, running out of gas. One may indeed ask whether the lie of the alleged Nazi gas chambers is now in more or less the same state as Ariel Sharon. And, if it’s dead, isn’t it about time it were buried?

A brief and forceful address

Here is the text of Lady Renouf’s brief and forceful address. In it, the letters “WMD” designate the “weapons of mass destruction” attributed to Adolf Hitler, that is, those “gas chambers” and those “gas vans” allegedly conceived and used for killing the Jews of Europe, but of which no trace has ever been found and which, for obvious physical and technical reasons, are quite simply inconceivable.

Thank you, Madam Chairman.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This conference is entitled “Denial and Democracy”. There is surely only one way to combat “denial” in a “democratic” context – by not instituting debate-denial across Europe but instead by providing documentary evidence to disprove the deniers’ case. Two weeks ago Benjamin Netanyahu based his address to the United Nations on evidence – so-called industrial WMD construction blueprints – which had been rejected as spurious by Jewish experts such as Prof. Van Pelt, who went so far as to say “the deniers are having great fun because it shows how people are gullible”. These same documents held up as proofs by Netanyahu were in fact first discovered and published in 1976 (as proof of the normality of gas chambers [*] thus labelled for disinfecting clothing) by the veteran revisionist Professor Robert Faurisson!

Can this expert conference succeed where Netanyahu failed? Can this conference send us away with one – just one – clear item of documentary proof which confounds source-critical Holocaust revisionists? Or must we merely silence such sceptical voices with threats, fines and prison sentences and teach our school children debate-denial of normal historical source criticism? Have you seen the “Guidelines for Teaching about the Holocaust”? [holding up the Handbook cover] If I may I’ll quote from it: “Care must be taken not to give a platform for deniers … or seek to disprove the deniers’ position through normal historical debate and rational argument.”

As a former lecturer at a university [**] I ask, please: Can the EU do what the UN did not and give us today one document upon which school children and their teachers can rely? For even the denial law does not define what is the unique industrial WMD for which denial of proof condemns citizens of Europe and beyond to sit for years in prison.

October 11, 2009


* Note by RF: Here there is some slight confusion. It was indeed on March 19, 1976 that I discovered the building plans of the Auschwitz and Birkenau crematoria; it was precisely in the Archives section of the Auschwitz State Museum, which had been keeping them hidden since the war, that I had had the chance to make that discovery. But it was only nearly three years later that, after considerable difficulties, I finally found the way to show copies of a few of my 116 Auschwitz documents to the press, in this case a reporter and a photographer from the Spanish magazine Interviú. In issue n° 145 of that weekly (February 22-28, 1979, p. 64-66), I am seen pointing at a part of Krematorium II; I am showing the plan of a vast room which, given the layout of the area and the room’s situation, dimensions, structure, ventilation system and other physical features, cannot have been an execution gas chamber but indeed was, as was clearly written on the plan, a simple “basement depository” (Leichenkeller) meant to hold corpses awaiting cremation. Besides, there were other drawings indicating, in plain lettering, the existence here or there of one or several small “gas chambers” for “delousing” (Gaskammer / Entlausung).

** Note by RF: In reply to one conference speaker who, in a tone of disdain, had asked her: “What subject did you lecture in and where?”, Lady Renouf, Australian by birth, said: “I lectured in Fine Arts and pioneered Media Studies at the Queensland University of Technology, because I took a professional interest in source scepticism versus mirage advertising. I am now an independent documentary film-maker from London.”