Defamation of a genius

I am in the habit of calling Arthur Robert Butz “Doctor Genius”. For me, he is the Number One scientific revisionist of “the Holocaust”.

I have just read the article about him in the American online publication New Voices (“National Jewish Student Magazine”), dated November 30, 2011 and entitled He still teaches, students still squirm. Nothing in the piece suggests that the author, one Gabi P. Remz, a first-year student at Northwestern University where Butz is Professor of electrical engineering, has really read The Hoax of the Twentieth Century or any other of Butz’s studies that have since accompanied that masterful work of his. In 35 years (1976-2011) not a single historian, academic or researcher has been able to make a rebuttal to it or refute it.

Before condemning Butz for the results of his research one should at least take the trouble to read him!

December 1, 2011