Bradley Smith (1930 – 2016)

My old friend Bradley has left us. During his lifetime I could not hide my strong liking for him. I admired him but, out of discretion, I dared not show or say it to him very much. Now that he is no longer of this world I can go ahead and declare outright that, amongst all the people I have met in my long existence, he was one of the most worthy of admiration. He died on his 86th birthday. I am 87 years old and feel, as Louis-Ferdinand Celine put it, “the black Fate scraping my thread”. Bradley and I would joke about this situation: two avatars of Don Quixote, one of American nationality and the other Franco-British, one despite a lingering cancer and the other despite the after-effects of several physical assaults, we both persisted in fighting for the most ungrateful of causes, that of historical revisionism, as if death were not closely – very closely – lying in wait for us.

At the very moment that I’m writing these lines, I find myself suddenly forced to interrupt this evocation of my dear friend Bradley Smith. I’m sorry about this. My intention was to show the degree to which our respective destinies, so different from one another, were nonetheless called upon to join together in the same struggle. Today revisionism has won that struggle completely on the historical and scientific level while, as concerns our arguments’ diffusion in the general public, thanks in particular to Bradley Smith, the spread of revisionism carries on scoring points despite the deafening holocaustic drumming everywhere, and notwithstanding police and judicial repression in many countries.

But I cannot take leave of my reader without offering at least an idea of ​​what managed to unite, from 1979 to 2016, Bradley Smith and Robert Faurisson, “Two true friends”, Jean de La Fontaine would have said. The first reference below is for a text summarising an interview of Robert Faurisson by Bradley Smith, and the second is for Robert Faurisson’s foreword of a book by Bradley Smith. The third is for a description of revisionism’s total victory on the historical and scientific level.

See you soon, dear Bradley!

February 19, 2016


Bradley R. Smith Interviews Robert Faurisson

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The revisionists’ total victory on the historical and scientific level