An astonishing video from 1990 recently found by Joe Fallisi


It’s thanks to our friend the Italian tenor Joe Fallisi, tireless researcher and disseminator of writings, music and videos, that today, in 2018, we can note the existence of a video produced in 1990 by Ernst Zündel entitled Robert Faurisson – a Revisionist Life. This recording, running two hours fifty minutes, contains a lengthy passage (starting at 33m. 18s.) where I’m seen in the heart of the Dachau camp, in April 1989 (I was aged 60), having an exchange in English with ordinary visitors about Hitler’s alleged gas chambers and the alleged genocide of the Jews. I also say and repeat that I’m fully aware of the fact that at any moment I might be arrested on the spot and thrown into prison.

Happily, the authorities mustn’t have been alerted in time. Today my arrest would be unavoidable. Those in charge are forever on their guard and, with so many surveillance cameras and mobile telephones everywhere, the alert would be set off quickly indeed.

These days it is especially heroic women (whether German or foreign, and using other means of communication) who carry high the torch of historical revisionism in the heart of Germany.

April 2, 2018