Affirmation, not denial

[from the Journal of Historical review, Jan.-Feb. 1999, p. 21]

A reminder: Revisionists do not deny the genocide and the gas chambers. That is a misconception. Galileo didn’t deny that the earth was stationary; he affirmed, at the conclusion of his research, that the earth was not stationary, but that it rotated on its axis and revolved around the sun. In the same way, the revisionists, after concluding their own research, affirm that there was no genocide and no gas chambers, and that the “final solution of the Jewish question” consisted of the removal of the Jews from Europe – by emigration if possible, and by deportation if necessary.

The revisionists strive to establish what happened; they are positive, while the exterminationists doggedly continue to tell us about things that didn’t happen: their work is negative.

The revisionists stand for the reconciliation of the antagonists in the recognition of what really happened.

January 1, 1999