A “huge victory” for the revisionist cause

In the current issue of the weekly L’Evénement du jeudi (“The event of Thursday”), out this morning, Jean-François Kahn entitles his column “How, with abbé Pierre, Le Pen and Faurisson are being given what they want” (p. 12-13).

He considers that the media are making too much fuss about those two men’s success. “A veritable boulevard has been opened up not only before Le Pen’s henchmen, but for those of the ignoble Faurisson” […] “For the facts are there: the revisionist, or negativist, cause has just won a huge victory” with the Roger Garaudy/abbé Pierre affair.

At the onset of this affair Joseph Sitruk, chief rabbi of France, had wanted to see the organisation of a big confrontation of specialists on the reality of “the Holocaust”. J.-F. Kahn asks: “Could Faurisson and Le Pen, even in their wildest dreams, have hoped for better?”[1]

He notes that Le Figaro recently published a reader’s letter saying: “I know that the Shoah was the scandal, the abomination of History, but what can I answer to my son if he tells me ‘If a law is needed to have you believe in it, it’s false’?”

To conclude, J.-F. Kahn deplores the fact that Croatian president Tudjman has just “reiterated nearly ‘negationist’ stances, and this to the general indifference [of the world]”.

This morning on the leading public radio channel France-Inter, Ivan Levaï quoted J.-F. Kahn’s article extensively.

May 2, 1996


[1] Henri Roques and I, separately, made it known straight away that we wanted to take part in this confrontation. But the chief rabbi quickly went back on his wish; he now says that there must certainly not be any confrontation of specialists on the subject.